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When you have questions about Non-Profits, I’ll give you answers you can understand. Avoid problems & ensure compliance with all laws by getting answers BEFORE you need them!
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Are you considering forming a nonprofit? Not sure whether to incorporate it? Do you want to apply for public or private grant money? Are you considering soliciting tax-deductible contributions? Do you want protection against personal liability for the activities of the organization? If so, you may benefit from organizing a non-profit corporation.

A nonprofit entity can receive private or public grants, donations from individuals & companies, and apply for tax-exempt status from the IRS. If your organization depends upon donations, you can better ensure you'll get donations if you can tell the donor that their contribution is tax-deductible. If you need help determining whether your organization may qualify, or if you need help completing the necessary formation documents, please contact me.

If you want or need the confidence of knowing the law, please contact me.

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Law and justice are not always the same

Do you know what your organization must do to maintain its tax-exempt status? What about whether it meets its ongoing compliance responsibilities? Are you unsure if planned actions will compromise its status? If you haven’t yet received notification of tax exempt status, can donors still take tax deductions in the full amount of their donation? Does your nonprofit need to register before engaging in fundraising activities? If you solicit or receive donations from outside your home state, have you properly completed the necessary registration requirements for any or all of 40 States? Unsure whether you need a registration statement, a license, a solicitation permit, or a certificate?

Nonprofit entities have unique sets of challenges and requirements to make certain they operate on the right side of the law. When you’re involved with a nonprofit and have questions, please contact me. Benefit from my valuable experience in negotiating, problem solving and working through confrontational issues. My accomplishments, business experiences, education and interests are my means to providing you the services you seek. Let me put my tenacious attitude and strategic mindset to work for you!

Whether you are unsure if you need a lawyer, face your first legal situation, need help to handle existing problems, or want a second opinion, please contact me.

If you need help in any of the following areas, I can assist you.

Partial List of Services Offered:

• Preliminary Name Search

• Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

• Organizational Meeting Requirements

• Organizing Corporate Records

• Assistance Preparing a 501(c)(3) Application

• Business Plans

• General Legal Services

Please see my other profiles under Legal Services, Information Systems & Management Consulting.

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Experience & Qualifications

Bachelor of Science - Major: Forensic Science (yes, like on "CSI")

Juris Doctor - less commonly known as Doctorate of Jurisprudence

Admitted/Licensed: - State Bars of California and Oregon

Admitted: - U.S. District Courts, California and Oregon

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