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B.tech,IIT Roorkee.Freelance consultant of Civil Engg. Online tests, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Biology, Economics are my passion.You can expect any solution.
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I am EnggVicky , here on LivePerson to offer you my services with excellence as an engineering expert. Additional expertise includes the fields of math’s, physics, chemistry, statistics, economics, psychology, biology and philosophy.

My degrees include a B.tech, IIT Roorkee, a bachelor of technology from one of the top institutes of India.
I am a respected Freelance consultant of Civil Engineering and have further extended my professional services as a part time lecturer of physics and mathematics for students.


My Expert Service

As a qualified engineering expert I am able to offer you my extensive knowledge with advice and real solutions in regards to construction planning and practices. I am able to assist you from the beginning of your project and through those difficult problem hiccups that sometimes arise. I provide real solutions.


I have advanced knowledge in mathematics, therefore able to share with you my extensive math’s skills in all areas such as/ but not limited to number theory, and linear algebra. I make relativity easy and statistics a joy. I have a passion for economics in theory and practice. I can help you in all matters maths related.

I can solve any problem related to Science and technology such as Chemistry, biology, molecular biology, quantum physics and life sciences I'm sure you shall be more than satisfied, with the answers I am able to present. The solution shall be brief and accurate.

As an expert involved in education and tutoring I am particularly beneficial to students seeking a teacher and mentor to guide them towards excellent pass marks and final grades. Apart from focusing on the high achievement of exam and assessment results my major insistence shall be explaining to students the fundamentals behind the problems. I aim to give you the knowledge, the tools required for a complete and fulfilling learning experience.
I adapt my methods to suit all levels of education from middle school to secondary school and university comprehension as well as providing my services as a freelance consultant to established businesses.

I can help you in any kind of problem regarding languages from my personal experiences and educational background. I am also able to extend my services to the areas of arts and creativity from my own experiences of having written myself for publication. I also have a group of intellectual and linguistic experts who can easily sense the mode of writing on a particular topic. I am certain that you will find my written product and writing services most satisfactory and affordable rates.

I enjoy the challenges involved in the creation of puzzles and games and even the thrill of finding that golden solution.

Experience & Qualifications

Although I am working full time now with LivePerson to be available to you, I have been teaching Mathematics and Physics at reputed institutes. I am not a student making some money to get through. I am a qualified, experienced expert in my field.

My solutions in IE Irodov, (complex problems in physics ), and SL Loney, (this covers the most complex problems in mathematics, ie trigonometry and coordinate geometry ) have been published and well received.

To further outline my experiences and qualifications I refer to a little of my history of having worked as a consultant in the delicate and extremely important project of tunnel construction and ventilation. Of particular interest is a project involving the soft soils in the Himalayan Region that I had participated in as a design consultant.

I welcome you to contact me with your questions and receive the answers to your problems or connect with me as your trusted expert advisor and mentor.


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