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Get expert SAT help from a top scorer on the the test. I'm an expert on the reading and math sections. I can teach you all the tips you need to succeed.
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Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Arts, Pennsylvania State University, Schreyer Honors College; St. Joseph’s University, Masters of Science (in progress) in Elementary Education and Special Education

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Need to get your score up on the SAT? Have a math question you need help with? Need help with a vocab question? Talk to me and I'll give you a hand. I am an expert on the SAT and can tell you strategies to beat the test. As a teacher, I so often witnessed students struggling in group settings, only to grow by leaps and bounds when given individualized instruction. It’s amazing to watch -- a student sits in class, frustrated and full of self-doubt, believing they can never grasp the material at hand...and then someone takes a closer look at them, sees what they’re missing, and starts teaching. And that student finally, happily, excels. In my years as a tutor and a teacher, I have worked very hard to be that “someone” who can look closely at a student, and help them learn. And after years of tutoring and experience in a Special Education setting, I can say that I become an excellent detective and an effective educator. I see the gaps in student understanding and I work effectively and efficiently to fill them. These days, I continue to develop myself as an educator and as a person. I am finishing up my Masters in Elementary Education and Special Education at St Joseph’s University, and I proudly founded, Tutor Delphia, to help connect students in the Philadelphia area with tutors who share my passion for the work. I have always been mathematically-minded, and am most effective tutoring math concepts all the way up through Algebra 2, as well as various computer applications. I also can consistently score in the 99th percentile on the SAT reading and math. I love tutoring. I love connecting with students, and I love watching that light go on when a person finally “gets it.” As a tutor, my greatest and happiest moments are when students work through confusion and misunderstanding to achieve aptitude, and most importantly, confidence.

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I am a former math teacher and have been tutoring the SAT for 7 years. I am working on completing a Master's Degree in Education.

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by jessies27 on Jan 3 2012
Adam was very helpful answering my question and made good use of the time I had.

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