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Dr. Akira Olsen

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Psychologist, counselor and consultant with 12+year clinical experience. I'm here to listen and help you
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Mental & Emotional Health


Dr.Olsen holds a PsyD in Clinical Psychology and a Master in Clinical Psychology and East-West Psychology

My Expert Service

Dr.Olsen is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 12 years counseling experience with adults, children, adolescents, families and couples at community clinics, homeless family/womens shelters, a substance abuse rehab center and in private practice. Please note: “I honor your privacy and confidentiality as directed by my professional code of ethics and by law. The exceptions to privacy and confidentiality are as follows: As a mandatory reporter, I may be required to report to appropriate authorities or otherwise take steps to ensure safety if you are at imminent risk to self harm, to harm others, or are at risk for harm and are a senior, minor, or considered a vulnerable (disabled) adult. In these cases my profession requires me to take steps to ensure safety, which may result in report to outside authorities for welfare checks or other safety intervention. Please note: counseling isn't always fun. At times you may feel uncomfortable. I will always respect and honor your pace and timing in session if you want to take a break or pause.”

Experience & Qualifications

Dr.Olsen is a trained psychotherapist, holding a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, with over 12+ year experience in counseling and consulting. Additionally,she is trained to conduct psychodiagnostic testing to children, adolescents and adults.

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(Read all 58 reviews)

by Karl on Nov 18 2012
Dr Akira is very paitient and open minded. A true asset to this site and to her profession

by User_3nepfg on Nov 5 2012

by Orange on Sep 23 2012

by businessmatt on Jun 1 2012
Relatively slow typer.. and answers were generic at first... after a little while had a few good insights... was going to write a bad review.. but she got better.. i guess my warning is if you need 30 minutes or less quick help.. she doens't seem like a good fit.. if you are up for longer session then try her out.. she is very genuine. just not sure how insightful. But if you have time (and money) to spend for an hour then she may be a good fit

by alsmar on May 3 2012

(Read all 58 reviews)

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