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Dr. Laurie

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Neuroscientist and Psychologist/neuropsycho with 15+ years studying and working with children in particular
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Ph.D, M.Ed. Postdoc Radiology (Harvard, MIT)

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World renowned expert and internatinoal speaker in neuroscience and clinical phenomenon such as dyslexia, attention, autism, asperger's, brain injuries, learning disorders, etc. Research and clinical work with children for 15+ years. Also work with children conducting social skills group to assist friendship making.

Experience & Qualifications

15 years of research and clinical work as a scientist and clinician (neuropsych, psychologist, counselor)

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by contactjb on Sep 17 2012

by User_9at6qe on Jul 31 2012
Very helpful, couldnt be more satisfied :)

by bolado3 on Sep 1 2011

by PanicDisorder on Dec 30 2010

by JasonR on Oct 30 2010
Thank you soooooo much! I can't tell you enough how this helped.

(Read all 41 reviews)

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