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Char Emeterio, LCSW-R,BCD

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Having internet addiction? Experienced license psychotherapist can help you.
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Online counseling is not appropriate for all kinds of problems. If you have suicidal thoughts, it's important that you seek help immediately. You are not alone. If you are located in the US, call
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Masters in Clinical Social Work. Degrees in Psychology,Criminology. Doctorate in progress.

My Expert Service

I sincerely hope you decide to choose me for your sacred journey to resolve your challenges in this life time. I have a variety of experience in many areas which include the following; relationship problems,separation,divorce, spirituality/universal law/higher power,grief,emotional and physical pain, depression,codependency,all addictions including eating disorders, sex therapy,dating, marital,infidelity,lonliness, parenting,phobias,stress,anger, abuse,work related issues,trauma,anxiety,ADHD,sexual abuse,attachment disorders,major mental health issues,victims of violent crimes, career counseling and motivation.Provide clinical supervision for students and colleagues including ethical concerns. Empowerment groups for women,play therapy for children,social skills,parenting skills.Token programs for children.Herbal background,Aromatherapy,Reiki Master,Color Light Therapy.In about 7 days, distant reiki healing will help you emotionally and physically.Sometimes repeat requests may be needed depending on each person's circumstances. You will feel calmer usually the same day.The first private practice in Oneida County to combine psychotherapy and massage in the same setting. Address the mind,body and spirit. Worked in mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals,military installations,residential center for youth as a supervisor,formal pins programs,residential living for developmental disabilities, autism,and mental health,inpatient/outpatient alcohol/substance clinics,pre-school programs for emotionally disturbed children,psychiatric specialist for reviewing mental health claims. Private practice for many years. Currently full time working with many employee assistance programs, agencies in the community,workshops,and critical incident reporting. Written many articles and soon to be publisher. Owner and Director of Sacred Heart Healng Center. See other profiles for more information and detailed description under breaking up and divorce.

Experience & Qualifications

Licensed in New York State LCSW-R,BCD. R-Psycotherapy Priviledges. Board Certified Diplomate. American Board of Examiners Advanced Clinical Social Workers. Member of the Trauma Institute. Member of NASW.

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by lownote on Apr 26 2014
Gave me tremendous insight on my issues, and lots of suggestions on how to help myself feel better. I will call back. Thank you so much!

by Michele on Dec 15 2013

by amytobe on Nov 16 2010

by WilliamJM123 on Nov 12 2010
So helpful and understanding. Empathetic and practical

by skyisblue798 on Oct 11 2010
Excellent, as always.

(Read all 15 reviews)

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