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Dr. Joseph Abraham,

Expert in: Professional Counseling    
Languages: English,Hebrew
Dr. Joseph Abraham offers online counseling services to couples, families and individuals struggling with relationship, stress and sexuality issues.
Chat / Phone: $1.50 per minute (Convert currency)
Email: $30 for simple questions. More if research is required (Convert currency)

Other Specialties

Single & Dating
Marriage Counseling
Please Note
Online counseling is not appropriate for all kinds of problems. If you have suicidal thoughts, it's important that you seek help immediately. You are not alone. If you are located in the US, call
1-800-784-2433 or 911 and ask for help. If you are outside the US, look here to find the support hotline in your country and area.
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Academics: PhD in Behavioral Sciences and Management; MA in Psychology; Professional: A registered senior/specialist psychologist in the state of Israel

My Expert Service

Online and personal consulting on: Psychology issues - marriage counseling, couples counseling, sexuality, parenting, self change, self growth, stress management and career burnout.

Experience & Qualifications

During the last 25 years I have practiced as a psychologist, organizational development facilitator and also as a manager and an entrepreneur. My areas of counseling are social adjustment, academic and vocational guidance, marital and family changes, over-eating and stress related issues as well as addiction to non-legal drugs among adolescents. I also lead many workshops in these fields.

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