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Liza M. Shaw, MA, LMFT, ACHT

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Your relationships deserve the expertise of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has assisted hundreds of couples & families break through & create thriving lives!
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MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and Certification in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

My Expert Service

Relationship Expert and Renowned Host of "Power to Thrive Radio" is available to exclusively counsel you to move beyond survival... beyond the limits from your past, to creating a thriving life! (tm) Listen to my many free audio recordings on . These podcasts provide lots of useful information about what to do right away, to begin improving your relationships. You can also get a good sense of my style and how I work with people! Also, beware of bringing your marital/relationship problems to a traditional counselor or "life coach." Many well-meaning counselors are simply not competent in "Relationship Reconciliation Therapy" and often give up on it when their level of skill and training cannot make a difference with the couple! You'll know this because at this point, they will turn to you and say, "Well, folks, it looks like this relationship just isn't going to work out. But, I can help you to break up in a civil manner." What your relationship deserves is help from a "Marriage Friendly Therapist" who takes a stand on saving marriages and keeping relationships together, and also possesses training, supervision and expertise in couples therapy. Therapists who claim they are "neutral" when you ask them if they believe couples should stay together or get divorced, may be telling you they are not confident in their ability to assist you to save the marriage! I am CONFIDENT that if you learn and practice my "Power to Thrive Therapy" (tm), your relationships can not only survive, but they will THRIVE! It is my personal mission to improve relationships, marriages and families, and reduce the divorce rate in the United States... one couple at a time. But preventing divorce will only be succesful if in place of unfulfilling or chronically dysfunctional marriages, couples develop truly thriving marriages and deeply fulfilling relationships. I have worked with thousands of people in my career, and seen hundreds of couples and families re-invent their relationships. I have created a model for marital reconciliation that provides couples the opportunity to heal from the pain of infidelity, chronic resentments, and learn authentic forgiveness. This makes room for people to create relationships they only ever dreamed would be possible with each other!

Experience & Qualifications

My entire career has been spent helping people move past difficult circumstances and developing worthwhile, fulfilling lives. I am especially committed to assisting people to create amazing relationships. I teach conflict resolution courses, and I specialize in teaching how 1 person can forever alter patterns in relationships.

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by brian on Mar 2 2013

by zara on Mar 6 2010
Excellent! Very honest and straight to the point.Very insightful into what is going on and how to help. Her advice and the information she provided to me was excellent. I will definitely be back. Highly recommended.

(Read all 2 reviews)

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