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Rafael Richman, Ph.D.

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Do you become easily frustrated, and angry? Short fuse? Do you wish to gain a sense of control over your feelings? I can help you.
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Ph.D. in clinical psychology

My Expert Service

Do you feel stuck, caught in the same patterns that seem to repeat over and over? In your relationships do you feel unheard, misunderstood and unappreciated? As a parent do you feel overwhelmed and exasperated, and long to regain a sense of control? I can help you. In our sessions [email, chat, phone] I listen genuinely to your concerns, to your needs, and to what is troubling you. Working together, I can assist you to: * get unstuck and move on * expand your options and choices * gain clarity about what you really want and need * foster inner healing * regain a sense of balance, calmness and focus * enhance the way you relate to others

Experience & Qualifications

Dr. Richman received an M.A. in psychology in May 1993, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in June 1997. Both degrees were granted from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada. During his doctoral training, he completed his clinical internship at the Centre for Psychological Services at the University of Ottawa, and studied and trained extensively in experiential psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. Dr. Richman's research focused on primary prevention of disordered eating, psychoacoustics, and forensic psychology. Dr. Richman has lectured and led numerous workshops on a wide variety of topics in the areas of psychology, psychotherapy, and natural healing. He currently works as a psychologist at an outpatient ADHD Clinic, at a integrative health clinic, and in private practice. Dr. Richman provides psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, couples, families and children, consults with parents and families. He also conducts dynamic parent groups. Dr. Richman has actively practiced psychology for the past 15 years.

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(Read all 618 reviews)

by Hilary on Oct 21 2014
This was a superb conversation. I felt as if I was sitting in the room with a very accomplished therapist who was reassuring, empathic and insightful. I wasn't looking for quick answers - I wanted to be heard, and to be understood, and to start to reconnect with others and myself. That's exactly what I got. I'll be back - thanks so much.

by John on Oct 19 2014
Very good service.

by morris on Oct 13 2014
very good approach to opening the discussion to the realivent issues.

by User_2grz8p on Oct 3 2014

by bree on Sep 22 2014
Rafael Richman was a great counsler, he was able to see right through me and understand. i felt like i finally found the connection iv been asking desperately for and for so long, i felt safe and comfertable to answer his questions, i felt a secure feeling that he will be the direction that i need. Thank you so much Rafael Richman!

(Read all 618 reviews)

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