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Norma Yvette Z.L., MA, LPC,

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Certified in Depression and Anger Management with over 36 hours of additional continuing education hours to stay current with all types of methods to help cope with Depression
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Masters in Clinical Psychology

My Expert Service

I chose to become specialized in Depression because I know how difficult it can be to deal with the many different symptoms that can present. From anxiety and insomnia to lethargy and mood swings. I am available to listen and to help provide open-minded, honest advice on how to cope with Depression. Contact me through online chat, through phone, or even just through emails. Let my experience help you cope with this situation.

Experience & Qualifications

LPC with ten years experience working with all ages in a variety of settings. I have experience working as a mental health consultant and as a licensed professional counselor. I decided to get certified in depression management because of all personality disorders, depression is the one most likely to be overcome with consistency and hard work. Let me provide you with the knowledge and support to overcome this disorder. You don't have to do this alone, please contact me for help.

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by Agazane on Apr 8 2014

by wte4sunshine on Mar 24 2014
Could have just been the topic or just a lack of connection but Norma just seemed short with me and had zero compassion

by User_z5v7ei on Mar 13 2014

by Sissy Issues on Mar 8 2014
She was on speaker phone so the sound quality was pretty bad, but other than that I enjoyed speaking with her. She's very nice and is willing to talk about anything.

by User_dwjmas on Jan 14 2014
not helpful

(Read all 180 reviews)

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