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Michelle Cavanaugh, L-CSW, MBA

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Do you feel trapped in an abusive relationship, but feel like there's no way out? Let's talk, and discuss how to stay safe and improve your situation.
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Columbia University, Master of Social Work (MSW) NY, NY Iona College, Master of Business Administration (MBA) L-CSW, Public School Social Worker New York Certification

My Expert Service

Hello! I'm sure you've already looked at my experience and education, so I'll try not to be redundant. My approach to therapy is primarily client-centered, meaning I start where YOU are, and work with you on achieving your goal. I've been told I'm honest, straight-forward, and that my sense of humor (although a bit dry) have assisted many of my clients in the past. I truly believe compatability and a feeling of comfort are vital in determining success in a therapeutic relationship. I also dislike the overuse of jargon during therapy, and I speak in a very down-to-earth fashion. I believe that each person truly has the strength and skills to deal with their current issues and stressors, but may need some guidance and assistance at times, as well as some new tools and techniques. My approach is strengths-based and motivational, and I have often found Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to be quite helpful, primarily when dealing with depression and anxiety. This is my basic approach to therapy, and I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a licensed clinical social worker, with over 12 years experience in a variety of settings throughout lower New York. I have worked in a Residential Treatment Center for severely emotionally disturbed boys and adolescent males, a medical hospital (with experience in emergency care, geriatrics, medical/surgical care, pediatrics, and geriatric), a school-based mental health clinic located in a "high risk" middle school in the Bronx, and an inpatient psychiatric hospital, as well as private practice. A bulk of my work has been with treatment-resistant adolescents and their families, with much experience in behavior problems, mood disorders (including depression and bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders, self-injurious behaviors, pervasive developmental disorders, ADD/ADHD, psychosis, and dual diagnoses. I have significant training in various areas, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational therapy, and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Other trainings include the Hamilton training (for depression) and Disruptive Behavior Disorders Intervention. I am also an active member of NASW.

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by drew87 on Apr 3 2012

by drew87 on Jan 29 2012

by Aaron on Jan 12 2012
I am going to rate Michelle with 5 stars. I only spent 7 minutes with her. I felt like she blamed me for the first issue I brought to her. I also e-mailed her about it and never got a response. But the rest of her ratings are good so maybe it was just me. This is an "At Risk" site so with anyone you talk to you are at there mercy. Sometimes the experience is good and sometimes its bad.

by drew87 on Jan 10 2012

by YellyJ on Dec 23 2011

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