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Coaching & Personal Development

Coaching & Personal Development

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Life Coach will help you tap into your inner strength, heal from the inside out, and discover all you can be in life.
Coach Jill

Expert Coach in Wellness and Relationships. Solve life's problem and get on with living.
Jill Lanese, Life Coach

Self Esteem is the pre-cursor for a HAPPY LIFE. When you feel good about yourself and accept yourself everything else falls into place! I can hel...
Lucent Journey Coaching

Empathic, Intuitive, Non Judgemental...I promise to help get you on the right path toward peace and happiness, thus allowing you to create what you...
Leon Pereira

I can teach you to improve your coping skills and manage your anger.
Anabela Souza

It only depend on us to change our lives! Believing that you can find your way, is the key to success! I can help you to succed in your objectives!

I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in fully integrating ALL aspects of your life - Business, Relationships, Spiritual - your Physical, Mental...
Victor Bonilla

Is change possible for you? Do you want encouragement, mentoring, an ally, and someone who understands. If you allow me I can show you the recovery...
Joergette Abadiano

As a Career and Passion Coach, I Connect, Empower and Transform lives by helping others to discover and pursue their passions and purpose.
Erin-Brie Warwick

Certified Coach Practitioner committed to helping you overcome obstacles and challenges, to live a happy and balanced life.

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