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SChris - Java C CPP
I am a Computer Systems Engineer offering fast help with Java, C/C++, PHP, JSP, XML/XSLT, Perl/CGI, SQL, algorithms, network administration and more!
PHP MySql Web Services
Perl and PHP CGI, Server side Text and data processing processing web applications on Apache based web servers. Usage such as Web Forms, Carts, Ema...
Sohaib C Java CPP.NET
I have 5 year+ experience in programming and project management, C++, 3D graphics programming, web analysis, internet programming, Java, ASP and ma...
Prolog Lisp Scheme Master
CGI, ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl, will help you complete your assignment fast and/or clarify any topic you have problems with.
Matt Meighan
Fast Programming, tutoring & advice. 20 yrs experience programming; 8 yrs experience teaching. C++, C, Java, HTML, mySQL, PHP, Database, Web, more!
CGI with Perl
Ravi Patel
I am expert in CGI programming using Perl. It is very good scripting language for cgi programming.
Efficient Programming, coaching & advice. 10 yrs programming experience; C, C++, C#, Assembly, MFC, Java, Server Side/Client Side Scripting, Data...
Get help here to create, deploy and use your CGI-based application!
Ron Barak
HP-UX System Administrator - Unix System Administrator - Perl/CGI programmer

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