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Mary Duncan
Non-judgmental, compassionate professional ready to listen and help! Ask about schduled hypnotherapy sessions! Change your life!
Rita J. Empowering Guru
African herbs, roots, folk medicines, prayer point spirituality, use of oils, candle burning, and massage therapy, holistic approach
Rafael Morales Toia
Professional integral counseling focused on how to promote your integral health and well-being, considering mind-body-spirit connection and interde...
Ken Fields
Providing creative, innovative therapeutic interventions for improving health of mind and body. Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Compassionate, c...
"Take Time to Feel the Healing"
Miriam Landau
I can help you with mental and/or physical health issues. 30+ yrs as a dietitian & therapist, using a Mind-Body approach. I'm very easy to talk to.
Dr. Kayla, M.D.
More than twenty years of experience providing alternative medicine solutions for your health concerns. Will guide you in making the best decisions...
Dr. Kate Wachs
Use your mind to strengthen your body! Get Top Credentials PLUS warm wisdom! 25+yrs Licensed PhD Health Psychologist/Pain Expert. Great reviews,Opr...
Barb Ruhl
Talk to me and let me help heal emotional and physical aches with energy healing and chakra cleansings!
Empower Your Healer Within
Mandy provides healing sessions that combine energy work, Reiki and remote EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

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