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Shashank Shekhar
Holistic approach for Weight loss and eating disorders.Customized diet and exercise plans for different needs.
mindy munroe

I design programs for various Nutritional ailments and consult people with nutritional problems
Dr. Shiv
Certified Physician , Experienced Doctor, Worked In Research project of Obesity and Treatment conducted by Dabur India Limited.
Dr. Gutierrez
Expertise in primary care medicine, surgery, bariatric surgery and its follow up, clinical nutrition, the correct use of food supplements and welln...
Jacques de Broekert
Weight Loss, Obesity, and Eathing disorders
Eating healthy made simple! learn what foods promote your individual weight loss. A natural way of letting go of what you dont need...
Darrell Cheney
Weight Counselor
Dr. Phil.MD
Medical Doctor (25 years) and Ophthalmologist (15 years) well trained in the consequences of Obesity.
Dr. Roy Sanjeevani Expert

I specialize in holistic weight loss treatment taking into consideration psycho-social and emotional factors in addition to lifestyle and diet, whi...

Are you thinking about gastric band surgery? Do you already have the Lap Band or Realize Band? ~ I am a family nurse practitioner and I also perso...

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