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Shashank Shekhar
I can help you to heal your physical, mental & emotional or any other issues with my expertise in Yogic therapy, Mind-Body medicine, energy healing...
Syeda Fatima
How to feel complete, enriched & contented with my non judgmental & unconditional appraoch to u. How to explore your traits to get best out of you.
Rev. Terry W. Bailey
Learning to live in a manner that pleases the Lord, not only helps you, but can help others to do the same.
Passionate medical doctor with post graduation in molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry. Offering high quality help in related subjects at a...
Dr Kat Chat
Doctor of Traditional Naturopathic & Nutritionist - Fast Typer - Healing the Mind and Body since 2003
Counselor Marlana
Clearing limiting beliefs, karma, Spiritual Healing, Energy Work, getting to the roots of your issues quickly and gently.
Universal Energy Healing
Certified Reiki / Energy Health Practitioner * Natural * Holistic * Integrative * Works in Conjunction with Conventional Medicine * Balances Mind,...
CC Coach MA
Empathic support and coaching for more satisfying relationships, improved self-esteem, emotional healing, and transformation of guilt, depression,...
Laura C., Psychologist.
18 years of experience as a Psychologist. Sad, confused or anxious about a particular situation and/or person in your life? Want a different and pr...
Dr. Kazi Kearse
I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and can help you to reframe negative thoughts into positive ones and help you bring about the solutions you are seek...

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