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Dr Madeeha Nazar
I am a medical specialist and can give you advice to treat complaints related to the field of internal medicine and its major subspecialities.
Dr. Adhikari,Plastic Surg
Get all of your plastic & cosmetic surgery questions answered! Expert in cosmetic, plastic, reconstructive, hand, breast and genital surgery.
Dr. Abid
I am a Medical Specialist and can give advice in all fields of medicine including Specialty Medicine.
Dr. Zia MD
Board Certified MD. In a live chat session I usually take less than 10 min for medical advice. I allow you free time to ask your question.
Dr. Kayla, M.D.
Practicing physician with over 20 years of experience in providing health & medical care. I will help answer your questions regarding medical & sur...
Dr R Ganguly MD,DNB,MIAC
FAST & ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS, lab report interpretation, Harvard trained cancer expert, surgical pathology, Hematology & Cytology, Medical consultatio...
Dr.Gaganjit Khurana MD
Board Certified Doctor Experienced in General Medicine, Five Minutes FREE !!
Certified,Superspecialty Trained Doctor. Now on Phone. 3 x Faster than Chat ! Talk to me Now
I am a Family Doctor for more than 20 years in the USA . I see mostly adolescents, adults and geriatric patients.
Dr. Usman Imtiaz
Young enthusiastic doctor with great diagnostic skills. You can ask about any health related issues. Good advice at less cost. Now FREE first few m...

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