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Dr. Zia MD
MD. Can give my expert advice in all fields of Medicine including Urology. Average time taken per live advice is 10-15min
Board Certified Doctor.Professional Non Judgmental Advice. Proven Quality. FREE FIRST FEW MINUTES
Dr. Usman Imtiaz
Young enthusiastic doctor with great diagnostic skills. You can ask all your urology related problems. Good advice at less cost.Now FREE first few...
Glenn D Vogelsang MD PhD
I am a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who deals with urological problems on a daily basis. I can help you sort out your problems in thi...
Dr Saeed Ahmed
Gold medalist, expert in giving advice on all issues related to urology.First five minutes of consultation are free.
Dr. Khojasteh Dastoor
I am a doctor with experience in Surgery, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and General Medicine. Expert in medical second opinions.
Dr. Pakol
Online help regarding medical and health related issues, espeically urine problems
Dr. Atreya MS
I have more than 25 years of practical experience in dealing with all types of urological surgeries. i can help patient's concern in urology and ca...

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