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Mary Duncan, Ph.D., Profes
If you're ready to break your addiction, I'm ready to help! Caring, nonjudgmental professional willing to listen and lend support! Ask about sched...
Robert Betancourt, MA, Pro
25+ years experience helping individuals develop the tools they need to control their addictions."He truly helped me work through my issues"
Ryan Kappel, LCSW
Are you struggling with an addiction? Let today be the day you start getting things under control. I can help.
Rafael Morales Toia, MA-MS
Life is about attachment to people, feelings, hopes, beliefs and behaviors, things and sensations. What makes an attachment become an addiction is...
Mary Lee Palmer, MSW, LCSW
Addiction is a treatable disease. Those close to us often forget that at some point, addictive behavior ceases to be a choice, and that it IS a dis...
Lynaire McGovern, MS,LPCC,
Experienced non-judgmental therapist can help you with your addiction(or addictions) problems now in a safe, confidential manner.
Paul Layden, Ph.D.
As a Licensed Psychologist who has over 30 years experience in treated addictions to everything imaginable. Success in treating substance abuse, ga...
Donna Gray Davis, MS, BCPC
Don't let an addiction lick you! Individual professional counseling $1.30 minute; or interventions including family training session $3.99 per minu...
Lori Burke, Individual/Fam
Exhausted of dealing with addiction? Anything is achievable when you have had enough. Strength-based, realistic and supportive. Call now!
Moushumi Ghose, MA, MFT
Sometimes too much of a good thing can turn into an addiction. I specialize in Sex Addictions, but can help you address any addiction you feel you...

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