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I'm the kind of person that feels more comfortable asking questions over the web than I do in person, so I appreciate that LivePerson gives me the option to ask for and receive expert help anonymously.
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Kristie Guthrie, LPC
Unable to understand why? Feeling sad? I offer support and genuine advice during this time.
M.G.Lazarus, Dr.,MSW,MA
No children? Can't cope with? Come, let's talk about it...
Felix Adrigan, Psychologis
Felix is a licensed psychologist experienced in providing counseling for infertility problems.
Norma Yvette Z.L., MA, LPC
Number of women ages 15-44 with impaired fecundity (impaired ability to have children): 7.3 million. Percent of women ages 15-44 with impaired fec...
David McMahon, Mr.
You have come to this site so that you can feel better or get some advise. I have been able to help so many people and would love to help you to. G...
Arthur Mencher, LMHC, NCC,
Troubled by issues surrounding infertlity? I can help you with this. I am a sensitive compassionate licensed therapist with over 30 years experienc...
Aileen Nealie
Did you know that most infertility issues stem from an emotional blockage?
Sarah E. White, M.S., LCMH

I would like to journey with you and contribute skills to help strengthen your relationship and care for yourself emotionally.
Laura Roetgerman

Are you feeling overwhelmed & frustrated? Dealing with infertility is stressful. I have clinical expertise and personal experience with infertility...
Amy Vallarelli

Struggling with Fertility Issues? Unsure Which Step to Take Next? I Can Help You Process the Situation and Assist You to Develop the Necessary Skil...

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