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Children with Special Needs

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Ken Fields, MA, NCC, LMHC
Children with special needs require a variety of accomodations both in school and at home. Being quite familiar with this area, I can help.
Mary Duncan, Ph.D., Profes
Caring, nonjudgmental professional with 20+ years of experience working with children and adolescents, many of them with special needs. I'm here to...
Tracy Hamer, MSW, LCSW, LI
30 years of experience. Mom to kids with special needs myself. I am here to walk this path with you. Very experienced working with children.
Patricia Beyrer MS, Certif
I want to help guide you through the difficulties and joys of having a child with special needs. Professional & compassionate counselor...great li...
Ryan Kappel, LCSW
Do you have a child with special needs? Let me answer your questions and help you to ensure you are helping your child reach their full potential.
Andrea McCrary, LMHC, MS,
Do you have a child with special needs and need emotional support? Do you feel alone with your endeavors? There are so many resources and solutio...
Wendy Comen, Psychologist
Straight forward help related to psycho-educational needs. For example I can offer strategies and social skill training for children and adults wit...
Jackie Johnson, LPC, M.A.,
Need Tools? Experienced in ASD, Sensory Integration Disorder, Anxiety and Behavioral Issues. Contact me for: Effective Discipline, Calming Meltdown...
Barb Nefer, Dr, PsyD, CMHP
Compassionate & Non-Judgemental. Initial minutes free as you explain your parenting situation. Fast, accurate typist. Don't struggle with your chi...
Robert Ambrose LMHC, LMHC
With extensive experience in counseling special education children and helping their parents, I know the difficulties and conflicts that parents ca...

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