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Motivation & Drive

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Meet our Motivation & Drive experts

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Mary Duncan, Ph.D., Profes
Take control of your life! Get off the couch and go after your dreams! I'm here to listen and lend support!
Dr. Cynthia Giocomarra, Ps
With the right motivation and encouragement (plus a couple of learned skills) you can reach your goals and thrive! Watch yourself take off and liv...
Miriam Landau, MEd LPCC RD
Motivation involves chemistry & emotions. As a psychotherapist-dietitian I use an Integrative Mind-Body approach. I'm easy to talk to & I'll help you!
Patricia Beyrer MS, Certif
At times we all need motivation...I have many years experience running motivational workshops.
Ken Fields, MA, NCC, LMHC
Having taught goal setting and motivation seminars and workshops for years, I can provide quality information, support and guidance for those needi...
Char Emeterio, LCSW-R,BCD
Great simple ways to get abd stay motivated. Learn the secrets of successful motivation. Free to talk to get started and to continue, click hire.
Ryan Kappel, LCSW
Feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Having a hard time figuring out how to get going in the right direction? Let me help you figure out how to get thi...
Andrea McCrary, LMHC, MS
Are you experiencing a lack of motivation and drive? Is this lack of motivation affecting your daily life? There are solutions, and you need a plan.
Barbara Freedman, Mental H
As a teacher and mental health worker I have picked up many skills over the years to encourage motivation in people of all ages.
Blythe Landry, LCSW, M.Ed.
The time for change is in the NOW, and I can help. Top therapist, empowering professional and published author to help you gain your energy and you...

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