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Kate Altizer
I have worked with countless clients helping them develop their self esteem and sense of self. I work to identify and build on clients' strengths.
Nyasha., M.ED., LPC
Are you in need of professional guidance and support in order to boost your confidence and self esteem to the next level in order to achieve your p...
Matt Pavlik, MA PCC
Are you feeling unloveable or unwanted? I will listen and ask questions to help you understand what causes low self-esteem, then suggest exercises...
Irene Struif, LMHC
I think positive regard for self is the most important ingredient to achieving personal goals. I can help you access personal qualities you didn't...
Dani C. Evans, MA, LPC
I recognize that everyone has strengths and I will support you to create and enjoy the life you desire and to help you reconnect to your dreams, st...
Kay Nordgren, MS, LPCC
16+ years experience! I have helped thousands of people over the years improve their self esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, worry, perfectionism...
Dustin C. Johnson, Ed.S.,

Learn tried and true methods of building confidence and self-esteem. With a little work, you will believe in yourself and be ready to face the world.
Monique Wilson, LCSW-C
I would like to encourage and empower you to create the kind of life you always dreamed of. No more putting yourself last. It's time to start feeli...
Corrie J. Gross, M.S. Regi
My work is devoted to to empowering individuals to lead the best life possible, while focusing on positive thinking strategies.
Lucienne Despota
Having trouble moving forward? Not feeling good about yourself? Let's work on it together. Free minutes to discuss problem. Very experienced, goal-...

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