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Adding a Photo

Having a great photo associated with your expert profile not only makes your profile look more professional and adds credibility, but it also affects your rank! To add a photo, replace an existing photo, or view your photo rating, log in to your LivePerson account and click on the Professional Tools section of your My LivePerson menu. Then click on the "Add a photo to your profile" link. On the Photo Management page, click "Upload a new photo" and a pop-up window will open, containing instructions for uploading a photo. Please make sure that the file you are uploading is less than 1MB in size, and is in the right format (jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, tif, or tiff).

After your photo has been successfully uploaded, it will appear "processing" for approximately 5 minutes, after which you will be able to view your "pending photo".

Your photo will remain in "pending" status for about 24-48 hours (and occasionally longer) while our Quality Assurance Team reviews your submission and rates it. Your photo's rating will then appear in the Photo Management page and will affect your position in the online list of experts.

Your picture will be rated according to the following standards:

  • Very Good - A high-quality, personal photograph that clearly shows your face (e.g. a passport photo).
  • Good - A personal photo that does not clearly show your face (e.g. is blurry, pixelized or distant).
  • Fair - All other pictures that are not personal photographs, but are relevant to your categories of expertise (e.g. your company logo).
See sample photos

Any pictures found to be inappropriate, irrelevant to your categories of expertise, or in breach of LivePerson's copyright policy, will be rejected. Rejected pictures will appear in a separate box next to the 'Current Photo' box. A rejected picture can be removed by clicking the "Remove rejected photo" link.

If your picture has met our specifications and was rated Good, Average or Pass, it will appear on our website and will affect your rank, accordingly. Rejected pictures will not appear on the website.

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