Engagement is where the rubber meets the road—that critical point where you become part of the customer’s experience.  Will you be delivering an experience that will drive the greatest possible results?

Different customers have vastly different needs and goals.  Is he a first-time visitor looking to make a purchase?  Is she an existing, high-value customer in need of customer service?  Did he arrive on your site through a paid search ad?  Further, is this a visitor whose need warrants highly personalized attention, or would a personalized offer be likely to yield the desired result?

LiveEngage will not only answer all these questions through its extensive intelligence capabilities, it is armed to take action—delivering the most appropriate, most effective type of engagement, to the right visitors, at the right time.


Live chat is a consistent favorite among both customers and businesses, alike. For both sales and service applications, meaningful connections are created by personalized, human interactions, and are delivered at a fraction of the cost phone or email contact.


Personalized messages and offers are an exceptional way to create highly personalized experiences that have proven to drive remarkable results for leading global brands. Best of all, since this type of engagement requires no human assistance, you can engage with a much higher percentage of your visitors—24 hours a day, seven days week—without your increasing staff.

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