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LifeSaver - profile


NOT assignment / project / coding / homework. I help for JAVA related issues and errors, pogo or games, computer troubles and similar technical aid.

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Marcelle Paisley - profile


Databases (SQL, mySQL, & MsAccess), websites (ASP.net, php, html, Igniter), applications (VB.Net & VB6) & MS (Excel, Word, VBA, Visio). MVC, ERD, UML & SDLC

Chat: $1.50 per minute

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Mohamed Abd El-Wahab - profile


Skills (C, C++, MFC, API, Java, Java beans, applets, AWT, Swings, sockets, JDBC, JSP, Mozart Oz, prolog, clips, C under Linux, X window programming, Objective C)

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Niall OTuama - profile


Have years of practical programming experience with C, C++, PHP, MySQL databasing, plus many other scripting languages.

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