Muhammad Ahsan
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Muhammad Ahsan

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Expert in: C++    
Languages: English
Programming in C++, JAVA, Assembly, Databases, Opertaing System,Algorithms, Automation, Circuit Design, Mathmatics, Physics, Economics
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My Expert Service

I have a sound knowledge in: * C/C++ * x86 Assembly * Java * JavaScript * HTML/XHTML and can easily provide quick and accurate help with well commented codes specially related to the following topics: * Data Structures * Doubly & Singly Linked lists * Binary Trees * Stacks & Queues * 2-3 Node Trees * Notation Conversion e.g Infix to Postfix * X86 Assembly Language Programming and Computer Architecture * Design & Analysis of Algorithms * Searching and Sorting Algorithms * Breadth-First and Depth First Search Algorithms * Minimum Spanning Trees * Shortest Path Algorithms * All Graphing Algorithms * Dynamic Programming Algorithms * C/C++ in Linux/Unix environment * Theory of Automata * Definite Finite Automata (DFA's) * Infinite Automata * NFA * Regular Grammars * Turing Machines * And Many More...

Experience & Qualifications

Experience in C/C++,VC++,Data Structures,Object Oriented Programming,Algorithms,Java,JSP,Javascript,HTML,XHTML,CSS,SQL Server 2005,Oracle and PHP. Developed many websites using Joomla CMS,HTML,XTML,CSS,Java,Javascript,PHP,MySQL,Oracle and have a hands on experience on Adobe Photoshop,Dreamweaver MX, Flash,Frontpage,JBuilder,Turbo C/C++,Visual Studio,Video Editing and Conversion, and MS Office.

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