Chemestry 160

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hi, need to get answers for Chemestry 160 :1) the pH of a 0.10 M HCN solution is 5.2 a)what is [H+] in that solution in ... M ; b) What is [CN-]? what is [HCN]? (where do the H+ and CN- ions come from?) c) what is the value of Ka for HCN? 2) Formic acid, HFor, has a Ka value equal to about 1.8*10^-4. Prepare a buffer having a pH of 3.60 from 0.10M HFor and 0.10M NaFor. How many mililiters of NaFor solution should be added to 20ml of 0.10 HFor to make the buffer? 3)When 5 drops of 0.10M NaOH were added to 20ml of the buffer in previous problem, the pH went from 3.60 to 3.71. Write a net ionic equation to explain why the pH didn't go up to about 10, as it would have if that amount of NaOH were added to distilled water or to 20mL 0.00025M HCl, which also would have a pH of 3.60
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