Stronger engagements start with superior intelligence. Through its open design and connectivity with your business data, LiveEngage combines real-time, on- and off-site visitor behavioral data with a broad set of customer and business data, including historical, operational, demographic, and third-party data.  With this intelligence, LiveEngage is able to target visitors with a compelling engagement opportunity at any step in the conversion funnel and throughout the customer lifecycle.  The result is a highly-relevant, personalized visitor experience, delivered through the most appropriate engagement type—chat, voice, targeted offers, or video—wherever your customers are—website, off-site, mobile, or social media.

Further, the intelligence circle is completed by applying natural-language text analytics to the engagement transcripts, enabling you to refine your engagements based on voice-of-the customer insights.

Since LivePerson first introduced proactive chat nearly ten years ago, intelligence has been a cornerstone of our clients’ remarkable successes.  Today, LiveEngage raises the bar for intelligent engagement, driving superior results for businesses of all sizes, from one-man operations to industry-leading, global brands.

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