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LiveEngage, LivePerson’s leading cloud-based customer engagement solution, empowers businesses to drive the greatest possible results from their digital assets.

Through predictive intelligent targeting, LiveEngage helps brands understand their site visitors’ intent and value, enabling them to meaningfully connect through the most appropriate type of engagement—chat, personalized messages and offers, and others —and do so across all channels and devices.  The result?  Rich, personalized engagement experiences that drive successful business outcomes.

In addition, LiveEngage is able to learn from every interaction, creating a feedback loop that enriches intelligence and optimizes future engagements, further enhancing business results.

What Can LiveEngage Do For You

Improve Click-Through Rates and Reduce Bounce Rates

By engaging search traffic with personalized offers, clients typically see conversion increases of over 25%

Increase Conversions, AOVs, and Leads

Businesses that use LiveEngage typically see a 20% increase in conversions and a 35% increase in average order values

Increase Customer Satisfaction while Reducing Costs

LiveEngage enables businesses to provide higher levels of service while decreasing handling costs by as much as 80%

Engage Across All Channels

Increase your results through true multi-channel engagement: chat, offers, voice, and video

Create More Personalized Experiences

Drive results by delivering targeted, intent-driven content to segments you define

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Engage visitors who hesitate or show signs of abandonment with special offers and assistance

Optimize Agent Productivity

Measure your results and optimize productivity through enhanced reporting

Automate and Optimize Your Engagement Rules

Use your web analytics to take the guesswork and on-going burden out of creating and maintaining rules

Engage Customers Wherever They Are

Provide exceptional mobile chat experiences through mobile apps and sites

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LiveEngage is the most effective solution for online, real-time digital engagements.