C.1.3 - D - LP Marketer Info

C.1.3 - D - LP Marketer Info

As a marketer, you work hard to bring traffic to your site. But if your traffic doesn’t convert, you’re wasting precious time and resources. Today’s connected customer expects fresh, relevant, and personalized content, but delivering a one-to-one web experience can be an expensive and complicated proposition.

By delivering personalized messages and offers anywhere on your site, LiveEngage enables you to create highly personalized experiences that have proven to drive remarkable results for leading global brands.  Best of all, since this type of engagement requires no human assistance, you can engage with a much higher percentage of your visitors—24 hours a day, seven days week—without your increasing staff.

  • Measurably lift conversion rates and transaction values
  • Boost engagement and loyalty
  • Improve ROI on marketing campaigns and paid search campaigns
  • Reduce acquisition and support costs
  • Save time, IT resources, and website real estate


Powerful campaign building tools and a state of the art user interface make creating a targeted campaign effortless. Target your website visitors by:

  • Search Keywords
  • Cart Value
  • Geolocation
  • Viewed pages
  • Entry path
  • Time on site
  • Navigation flow
  • and dozens more


C.3 - E - The possibilities are endless

C.3 - E - The possibilities are endless

Targeted Messages

Serve custom offers to visitors in function of their history, loyalty or expected value to achieve higher sales, satisfaction or service

Visitor Rescue

Target visitors who hesitate or show signs of abandoning with special calls to action

Campaign Echo

Ensure site messaging is consistent with the email or advertising content that brought them there 


Tailor messages and promotions according to your customers' language, country, region or city

Cross-sells and Up-sells

Present visitors with complementary products and services based on dozens of parameters

Site Pathing

Highlight features or sections of a site to certain visitors in function of their online behavior

Pre-sales Support

Remove obstacles from the purchasing process by serving personalized tips to visitors

Life Cycle Messaging

Emphasize different brand attributes and value propositions depending on the stage of your customer’s lifecycle


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"We get monthly reports from our Customer Success manager and have a quarterly review where we discuss key performance indicators and strategies to improve them. He always has a lot of good ideas for us.”

- Janet Davila, E-commerce Operations,
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"I had a live chat with a LivePerson Technical Services agent, who connected me with my Customer Success manager. He walked our team through some of the capabilities of the LiveEngage platform. I went back to my computer and logged in, and within an hour I had set up Click-to-Chat buttons and two campaigns. It was quite easy." 

- Brian Naylor, Marketing Manager,




Living in Comfort provides its customers with a personalized digital engagement experience through proactive chat and content targeting