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User_uki277 Jul 28 2014
briege Jul 28 2014 Allowed me to make sense of my problems. Provided me with insight and clarity. I feel better about my problems - inspired to look at them through a different lense! Thank you!
JustinB Jul 28 2014 I had to contact Master Enigma to update him on the progress that i am making. He has helped me alot over the last few weeks and guided me alot. His predictions have all come true in the timeframe specified. Thank you so much Master Enigma.
sjw825 Jul 28 2014
Marc Jul 28 2014 very good...very fast. Came with my questions already typed and he answered straight away.
tobyirish Jul 28 2014 the best
Julie Jul 28 2014
Berlin10 Jul 28 2014 Thank you, Master Enigma. I appreciate your patience with me in regard to my business concerns.
needtoknow Jul 28 2014
freespirit Jul 28 2014
pam Jul 27 2014 awsome outstanding thanks
User_ccpgmi Jul 27 2014 Thank you! Very direct!
Berlin10 Jul 27 2014 Thank you, Master Enigma, for your support and for your patience. It makes a difference.
JustinB Jul 27 2014 Master is always so helpful and reassuring. thank you Master
Miffy Jul 26 2014 Quick direct answers. Hope predictions happen
sjw825 Jul 26 2014
debslounge Jul 26 2014
princess Jul 26 2014 I was skeptical the first time, as he was very fast in answering, but the more I thought over the answers, the better I felt. And this time round he answered all of my questions in less than 12 minutes, which normally would have taken over 40 minutes with anyone else. I am very honoured to have spoken to you once more and I shall be back for more, thanks a lot for your time :)
redrose Jul 26 2014 ME has always been right on target in his predictions and insights. Thank you ME
LaJoconde87 Jul 26 2014
needtoknow Jul 26 2014
User_5mz82n Jul 26 2014 Excellent reading. Everything he shared, things have started to progress exactly as he said.
MoonLight Jul 26 2014
gvl Jul 26 2014
needtoknow Jul 25 2014 thank you so much for your help
Berlin10 Jul 25 2014 Master Enigma has always been correct in terms of some work questions I've had, and that's why I contacted him. Thank you, Master Enigma, for always telling me the truth and for your quick and supportive answers.
User_uki277 Jul 25 2014
sjw825 Jul 25 2014
sjw825 Jul 25 2014
JustinB Jul 25 2014 WOW!! Many of Master Enigmas predictions have, and still are, coming to pass.Everything he has told me thus far has been true and correct. And his guidance has helped more than anything. I would not be in this positive position that i am in now, without his guidance. I feel as if Master Enigma is not just a pyschic that i have asked for guidance, but is each time becoming more and more like a great friend. Thank you so so much Master Enigma. You are the best.

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