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hana Sep 19 2014
rollinpics Sep 19 2014 right again, per usual !!!! excellent
skyheart Sep 18 2014 on it..on point!! he just knows.....
HopeFloats Sep 18 2014
User_ukujse Sep 18 2014 direct and to the point excellent reader
needtoknow Sep 18 2014
sjw825 Sep 18 2014
User_c5h37r Sep 18 2014 he was amazing, connected quockly and replied quickly.... he knew what was going on and had answers for me i hppe that what he sees is to come to be! thank you so much for you help!
gg2152 Sep 18 2014 He is always right. I have been going to him for a very long time now and everything he says always happens. He predicted correctly lots of situations and I trust him completely. He is straight to the point and do not waiste time and your money. Great psychic to go to.
toutoune Sep 18 2014 I have given ME many reviews but somehow they never show up. Hopefully this one will... I have been coming to ME for some time now and he never wavers from his original predicts, time will tell but I really enjoy going to him for relief. I highly recommend him.
tobyirish Sep 18 2014 the best
needtoknow Sep 18 2014
Alizuna Sep 18 2014
SomeoneElse Sep 18 2014 Some people may say he is cold, he certantly is not. He is VERY straight forward and doesn't waste your time by sugarcoating stuff. He is direct on what he sees and i think is the best part about him. I AM sure of what he said on my issue and I do HOPE that what he says comes around. Time and hope will tell. Do I recommend him.. yes I do :)
Shahid Sep 17 2014 seems to be somehow sure of what he says lets see where this goes
Paisleymoon Sep 17 2014 Great reading :)
Barb196701 Sep 17 2014
needtoknow Sep 17 2014
alan Sep 17 2014
gusty winds Sep 17 2014 To be honest I'm not sure ME was interested in talking to me. He was quick to answer questions, but just seemed a little cold. It would be great if the predictions came true, but I probably won't be back.
User_e8kgbu Sep 17 2014
Berlin10 Sep 17 2014 Master Enigma is one of the best psychics I've ever consulted. In looking back at transcripts of previous sessions, I see that he has a high degree of accuracy in his predictions and in his insights into what a person's state of mind (and of heart) are. Over the years he told me things about my (now) ex which were completely correct. He was also correct concerning someone else who I consulted about months ago.
lisa1985 Sep 17 2014
tobyirish Sep 17 2014 xo
User_bjxnsc Sep 17 2014 Master Enigma is amazing :)
reshma32233 Sep 17 2014
needtoknow Sep 17 2014
redrose Sep 17 2014 The best. Always always has been accurate, kind and insightful. He has also helped me understand things at a deeper level. He has helped me a lot.
Gesh38 Sep 16 2014
gloriay Sep 16 2014

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