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amalia Sep 1 2014 a really genuine, brilliant reading.
thoraceusxxx Aug 31 2014 He is direct and honest. I am satisfied with his answers.
yuyuchi373 Aug 31 2014
Aadil Aug 30 2014 First time, but amazing, direct and honest, Thanks :)
needtoknow Aug 30 2014
Laurenna Aug 30 2014 David is always one of the best readers... excellent
cathy Aug 30 2014
needtoknow Aug 30 2014
anaclau199 Aug 29 2014 fast and to the point, didn't need DOB or name!! Hope everything comes true
User_6ynaya Aug 29 2014 Great!!! He will NOT fluff you and tell you what you want to hear. He is quick and to the point. You hardly have to type anything and he's answering your questions before you finish. Very talented. He will not lead you on if there is nothing there. I've been talking to him for two years. He is GREAT!! :)
AG207 Aug 29 2014 I'm not sure about the reading. the probability of his prediction is pretty slim so honestly I don't know how it will pan out but if it does I will come back and change the rating. Regarding what happened he picked up some right and some not but overall I felt he was picking up only a piece from an iceberg.
Kikiya Aug 29 2014 Thanks so much!
tee Aug 29 2014
Janetpch Aug 29 2014 My first session with him. I like his "short answer" to every question I asked. Straight forward, honest, and very accurate regarding to my situation. However, I don't like his "cold" response and interaction with his clients, which made me feel uncomfortable and disrespectful in some points. Anyway, maybe it's about the professional burnout in this late night. Thank you for tonight's session.
needtoknow Aug 29 2014
ashao Aug 28 2014 Very helpful!
Cat Aug 28 2014 The voice or reason. Will pull you back to reality every time. Kind, understanding and right on the money....will not waste your money either. Gets to the core of the problem fast and accurately. The truth comes out.
lydia Aug 28 2014
User_xzwveu Aug 28 2014 Amazing thank you can't say that enough he was very accurate
constanta Aug 28 2014 Thank you!
User_6ynaya Aug 28 2014
User_6ynaya Aug 27 2014
User_q634q5 Aug 27 2014
User_8hrdu2 Aug 27 2014
needtoknow Aug 27 2014
Darina Aug 26 2014
shelly92 Aug 26 2014
Juste Aug 26 2014 Keeper of my sanity. You area friend in the best and worst of times. Always compassionate, understanding and caring. God bless you!
KBJ Aug 26 2014 The boy is AWESOME! I just I wish I knew how he knows what he knows...He has been 100% accurate everytime...and I ain't just blowing smoke up your butt, folks! The last time I spoke to David, just as he was speaking to me on the phone, the person in question was doing EXACTLY what he said they would do! And was like he's been a fly on the wall of my life...You just gotta love this dude! Thanks David...Big hugs to you and bye for now:).
Dasani Aug 26 2014

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