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float123 Sep 19 2014 always the best He come from such a clear space and is so right on.David deserves 10 stars!!~
Bake Sep 19 2014 cool gotta talk more
hana Sep 19 2014
Eden Sep 18 2014
needtoknow Sep 17 2014
iliana40 Sep 16 2014
Laurenna Sep 16 2014 a great guy and wonderful reader
Earthnote8 Sep 16 2014 Thanks Dave. Sure am curious if this will all manifest as you sense it will... appreciate the input.
south Sep 15 2014 Very quick to tune in to the situation. Straight talking and credible. Lots to think about. Thank you.
L_83 Sep 14 2014 always a good read.
orchid reader Sep 14 2014
morgan Sep 14 2014 I really enjoy it when they just rell you like it is & he has done this for me twice. I'll be back!
PrettyKitty Sep 13 2014
Maleskcr1 Sep 13 2014 I have spoken with David several times recently and his information he's picked up has been very beneficial to me and my relationship. He has been accurate before with previous relationships, my trust is high with David.
naturegirl Sep 13 2014 very honest lol, I had to laugh at his bluntness but gave good predictions and good advice. saw immediately into my situation without me telling him anything. will give 5 stars if predictions come to pass
needtoknow Sep 13 2014
Mexsal Sep 13 2014
maxwell Sep 12 2014 He is always amazing
constanta Sep 12 2014 Thanks!
KCC Sep 12 2014
Cat Sep 12 2014 Simply the best. I would give a million star review if possible. Has helped me through my darkest hours.
lisalisa Sep 11 2014
GwenPaternoster Sep 11 2014 Spot on! Thank you!
User_a2mfmi Sep 11 2014 thanks david
Earthnote8 Sep 10 2014 Always frank/direct. Can't ask for anything better then that.
User_vnfbpf Sep 9 2014
needtoknow Sep 9 2014
la1retta Sep 9 2014 Thanks. I appreciate the insight...
sevenskies Sep 8 2014
Lorelei Sep 8 2014 David-James, while very easy to talk to and naturally intuitive, is also a straight forward, honest reader, in my opinion. This is my personal preference when it comes to consultation, and he delivered advice that was not only helpful, but was very accommodating in answering various questions I had without wasting time or unnecessary filler. That said, he was able to give realistic timelines (not overly specific, but ones that were believable) and was direct without being cold or uncaring. I would definitely consult with him again should I need his advice

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