Member Date Rating Comment
MEGGYPOO89 Dec 18 2014 Always helpful
float123 Dec 18 2014 excellent as always. Tells you like he sees it with great clarityl
istronic Dec 18 2014 Very good reading, lets see what happens.. :)
User_i75rhh Dec 17 2014
User_i75rhh Dec 17 2014
Cat Dec 17 2014 Not enough positive adjectives to describe David. He has been a lifeline for me. He has an amazing gift to share. I will be forever grateful for his help.
Earthnote8 Dec 17 2014 Thanks Dave for your info. Hope things happen soon.
dahopefulmom Dec 16 2014 So glad I waited to rate this reading. David was so totally off base. My boyfriend was not being a dick or cheating on me and our relationship is not winding down as you predicted. Just spoke with him today and everything is hunky dory Might be good for others but was tototally wrong with me.
Fleury Dec 16 2014
brenda201 Dec 16 2014 very accurate!!!
britannia Dec 16 2014
MEGGYPOO89 Dec 16 2014
sparkly Dec 16 2014 many thanks for quick and speedy advice - well worth the money xx
JennifferG Dec 16 2014 awesome
KCC Dec 16 2014
User_6ynaya Dec 16 2014 You ROCK!!
User_6ynaya Dec 15 2014 Thank you!!! Rock!!
kay Dec 15 2014 You are so right about me. Thank you!
User_8yxcf5 Dec 15 2014
shuko Dec 15 2014
Farzin Dec 15 2014
pathofpeace Dec 15 2014 wow, really didn't need to ask any questions, David just jumped in and addressed/answered my concerns
lance Dec 15 2014 Excellent
sosi Dec 14 2014
Clarice Dec 14 2014
juliette Dec 14 2014 He's accurate and tuned in immediately without me finishing my sentence. An amazing experience for me. Thank you so much!
The Light Surrounds Us Dec 14 2014 I cam back because, he was the only one who was bluntly honest with me in regards to a relationship - said it wouldn't work - didn't want to beleive him then - and it has not - for exactly the reasons David James said it would not work. David is quick, fast to the point and dead on accurate.
honeydip2515 Dec 14 2014 Thank you
Light Dec 13 2014 Love him - he is a star Thank you again David x
rah Dec 13 2014 I liked him..very easy to get along was like talking to an older brother..very direct and straight to the point..was able to pick up on what I was experiencing mentally and emotionally..most importantly he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear..he called it as he saw..fortunately I didn't have any bad news but the most helpful piece of wisdom that he gave was to RELAX..thats one of my biggest challenges and he saw right through it. If you're looking for a laidback, tell it like it is type of reader, hes the one

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