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Anonymous May 30 2007 didn't provide the second part.
nessa39 May 9 2007 has comfirmed what another psychic has said thank u
Anonymous May 5 2007
jcn Apr 29 2007
akeng Apr 28 2007 Thank you very for your assistance and guidance. You are always there for me and my family.
alaghazal Apr 25 2007
nicolejennings Apr 23 2007
Anonymous Apr 21 2007 Great! Thanks!
The heart of a fish Apr 17 2007 Outstanding!
Rogelia Apr 11 2007 Very Good
Booman123 Apr 9 2007
tbird22 Apr 3 2007 I am pretty sure she hit the nail right on the head this was the same things I was thinking. Time will tell for sure, but she is pretty amazing, I will use her again.So if your looking for an expert give her a try.
jellybeaner Apr 3 2007 .Starr never lets me down with her accuracy! She has told me time and time again things that will come to pass and they do! Starr will help you get on the right path with that. Amazing predictions, Amazing guidance, and Amazing person! Nuff said.
gfjt Apr 2 2007 Tremendous,Psychic, Gifted lady!!!!
Anonymous Mar 28 2007
Anonymous Mar 25 2007 Always the best!
gfjt Mar 16 2007
estubbs Mar 16 2007 Thank you Anglewyng a million time. I just feel so much love for you. You are so real. GOD BLESS YOU. I know that you are real,because no one but no one knew about that dinner bell but my daughter and me.You can communicate with the dead. Keep on doing what you do.
Anonymous Mar 11 2007 Provided good service and fast turn around.
Booman123 Mar 8 2007
gfjt Mar 6 2007 Thank You....Outstanding as always!!!
gfjt Mar 3 2007 You will never go wrong with this Wonderful Lady!!! Janet is always so quick to reply and knows exactly how I feel and how best to guide me!!! Don't waste your prescious time on charlatans, get the answers you so desperately seek with Janet, she is the best and nicest Psychic I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!!! God Bless You again and again :) Talk to you again real soon!
gfjt Feb 28 2007 Very precise and accurate! Thanks so much!
lonely1 Feb 27 2007 Thank You!!! A million, trillion stars:)
famoon Feb 26 2007
smac854 Feb 21 2007
psychicspy Feb 17 2007
Anonymous Feb 17 2007
User_73izva Feb 14 2007
User_x78e01 Feb 14 2007

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