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User_w5b4wm Oct 25 2014 Hes my Rock. can always go to him to hash it all out. Hes never dissapointing
LauraMCarp Oct 25 2014 He was quick to respond and very helpful. Easy to talk to and gives you direct answers. Will be back! :)
Lusty Eyes Oct 25 2014 good reading -always helpful for me -catch up later -
humulus Oct 24 2014 Absolutely LOVE him!!! Lots of details, spot on, wonderful reading, very happy! Will always be back :))
Dragonfly Reiki Oct 24 2014
Renate Oct 24 2014 Maestro is so positive and good to me. He does really great work - he can be trusted and used for any situation!
MsSerena Oct 23 2014 Excellent reading, thanks!
Genuine Love Oct 23 2014 He is so kind and a pleasure to talk too. Thank you!
needtoknow Oct 22 2014
sayuri3717 Oct 22 2014
Seti Oct 22 2014 Fast connection and very confident.
Renate Oct 21 2014 Maestro is once again a pillar of strength - his confidence becomes my confidence and carries me. I will always recommend him!
Astrology Dream Oct 21 2014
User_nwt4qu Oct 20 2014 Read my situation accurately and was very uplifting.
User_w5b4wm Oct 19 2014 He is so helpful kind fast typist caring and guiding cant ask for more than that. a blessing
needtoknow Oct 19 2014
Dragonfly Reiki Oct 19 2014
Dragonfly Reiki Oct 18 2014
Aiko Oct 18 2014 nice guy
sweetdine Oct 18 2014 omg hes like my angel from heaven he understand my situation so much and he told me to stay positive and im gonna be happy again
User_dgutdg Oct 18 2014 I am an.gry at myself right now and i need to be angry to leave the past behind
LAG Oct 18 2014 Very good
flo Oct 17 2014
Faith4good Oct 16 2014
Renate Oct 16 2014 Maestro is wonderful and so good!!! Once you start talking to him, you will definitely come back for more sterling and accurate advice.
sun Oct 16 2014 Always a pleasure to have a reading. Many thanks
yegelvis Oct 16 2014
tickintheticker Oct 15 2014 Very helpful and kind!!
User_w5b4wm Oct 15 2014 Fabulous Help, always caring and kind quick and clear...xo
Liana Oct 14 2014

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