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BrittBritt Nov 27 2014 He is SWEET and will keep you on a positive path. LISTEN to this gentle soul he is wise!!!!!! He is accurate and understanding....
Martin Nov 27 2014 Thanks.
Renate Nov 27 2014 Another super session with my dearest Maestro. Simply great!
BrittBritt Nov 26 2014 Very nice and professional. Positive and insightful
phoebe23 Nov 26 2014 Thank you Maestro - will await your predictions to pass. God bless you and hope the Universe does not disappoint me. Blessings, Phoebe x
heartoflove Nov 26 2014
Canche Nov 24 2014 very fast typing and clear thoughts!!
User_w5b4wm Nov 23 2014 Wonderful and caring kind and fast typist he is just a blessing to me always..
MsSerena Nov 23 2014 Great reading!
name number Nov 23 2014 thank you ! :)
faby Nov 22 2014 awaiting for predictions
blanconejo Nov 22 2014 always such a joy to talk to. he's calming and can really undertsand where your coming from emotionally and mentally.
lighttolight Nov 21 2014 Always so thoughtful and such a deep soul. This man has great wisdom.
User_azhafg Nov 21 2014 Sorry got dc you were greattt thnkx
cheetah Nov 21 2014 he is great
User_vmmj2p Nov 21 2014 Thank u
Michelle Nov 21 2014 Very nice and to the point..
User_dgutdg Nov 21 2014
ArlinaB Nov 20 2014 great thank you
Tisha43 Nov 19 2014 Picked up on my situation well. Thanks.
Simmy Nov 19 2014 Always helpful and concerned
User_egu9yr Nov 19 2014 Thank you
User_8pxr2b Nov 18 2014 Very good
sayuri3717 Nov 18 2014
eve5796 Nov 18 2014 Outstanding. Accurate and full of Wisdom too.
lighttolight Nov 17 2014 Always very helpful and thoughtful. So easy to talk to and very clear with his suggestions.
MsSerena Nov 16 2014 Great reading thanks!
LoveNiconMe Nov 16 2014 Wow Maestro made my night. Thank you for your honesty, accuracy, and insighful reading. I will keep you posted.
User_52yxjr Nov 16 2014 Good reading n compassionate. Not really a lot of details thou. I hope things will turn out as u saw it. Namaste
jconteh Nov 16 2014 very practical want to keep in touch more

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