Member Date Rating Comment
Faith23 Oct 31 2014 Great
dulcegirl Oct 31 2014 Aw Im sorry Sharad, we were cut off right before you're finishing your message. Do you mind sending me an email about what you're about to say? Otherwise, thank you so much for your honest readings, truly appreciate it. God bless :)
User_t5fxc6 Oct 30 2014 Worth the money!! Very clear, very nice! He is the best!!
User_dgutdg Oct 29 2014
CRV10604 Oct 28 2014 Right on the money. Fast Typing Good insight. Accurate. 100% recommended.
Chocolate Oct 28 2014 Have been a while since have a reading from him....still spot on!!! He gave great advise after understanding my situation. Feel ease and easy to talk to and easy to understand! Excellent reading!
Chocolate Oct 28 2014 Spot on and spot on!!!
danielle Oct 27 2014 have to wait and see if timelines are correct, but had good comments and a good outlook
User_kj7jzt Oct 27 2014
User_inrzvb Oct 27 2014 Excellent advisor
User_inrzvb Oct 27 2014 Excellent advisor
DavidJon Oct 26 2014 very sure of connecions
User_f6r5gh Oct 26 2014 Always encouraging. Thank you :) Will see what happens.
DavidJon Oct 26 2014 fast and very nice to talk with.
User_dgutdg Oct 26 2014
DavidJon Oct 25 2014 very good advice!!!
Vicky Oct 25 2014
User_a89sej Oct 24 2014 Great reading...very stimulating!
User_inrzvb Oct 24 2014 Excellent advisor
Druidess 157 Oct 24 2014
Perky101 Oct 23 2014
User_e8kgbu Oct 22 2014 Good reading. Fast typist
Aidica Oct 20 2014 Reassuring and very insightful. Says it as he sees it.
Annalisa Oct 20 2014 Sharad is good, last prediction came true. so hoping for good things to come x
User_inrzvb Oct 19 2014 Excellent advisor
DavidJon Oct 19 2014 fast, assuring, and he is one cool cat!
Aiko Oct 18 2014 his predictions have been true so far, waiting on even more
Sunshine2007 Oct 17 2014 Thank you
User_inrzvb Oct 17 2014 Excellent advisor
Agnita Oct 16 2014 I just felt like he was telling me something I wanted to hear, if they would leave the ratings open I think alot of these so called Psychics would be out of a job

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