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Iheart48 Apr 14 2014 on point...answered everything I asked quick typer and she a very nice and understanding person...
Heather Apr 8 2014
Heather Apr 7 2014
Heather Apr 7 2014
Heather Apr 1 2014
Heather Apr 1 2014
User_ckydts Mar 30 2014
johnnan Mar 23 2014 She picked up on a lot of things. Yet I am waiting to see what will happened this week. I will definitely recommend her. She is very good!
loruve gu Mar 22 2014 She tells you what she thinks you want to hear and when it does not happen changes the time frames and tells you she is connected now, she is liar!!!
KP81 Mar 22 2014
User_w5fsp7 Mar 18 2014 she was good but found her a little hard to understand but enjoyed the reading thank you.
Heather Mar 17 2014
Perky101 Mar 15 2014
User_a89sej Mar 13 2014
dulcegirl Mar 12 2014 very honest, and gets to the core.
dulcegirl Mar 12 2014 i feel that she's honest and genuine
loruve gu Mar 9 2014 She displays no empathy and it is like pulling teeth to get a specific answer, she couldn't care less that your life sucks and you are ill, she really couldn't and when you email her she completely ignores you.
Heather Mar 8 2014
ronnie Feb 23 2014 came back to give an update. I was told that someone i use to date and was still connected to would open up and tell me his true feelings. I did not believe her because the two of us have not spoken in about a month. however two days ago the person called me and spilled it all. Most of what she said would happen did indeed happen. I dont know her success rate with others but with me what she told me would happen did. I'm waiting to see if what she told me regarding my Job will come to past. I would come back again and give another update
ashlee Feb 23 2014
lost Feb 20 2014
Jen Feb 18 2014 This was not a good reading.
ronnie Feb 17 2014
ronnie Feb 17 2014 very good reading. she picked up without me saying a word. would recomend
User_jmqc5u Feb 17 2014 Thank you
Lily Feb 16 2014
Me2012 Feb 16 2014 This fraud just wasted my time and money with all her nonsense and repeating stuff and not getting to the point of anything. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS FRAUD. Please, I never write bad reviews but I like to WARN people to NOT WASTE their time and money on PHONEYS. This person is NOT worth your money. THere are many other genuine experts you can go to.. this person just stole my money and time, very clearly wasting it and I AM REQUESTING A FULL REFUND.
Heather Feb 15 2014
User_hir379 Feb 12 2014 love her
lifetime Feb 12 2014 thank you for your time

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