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sayuri3717 Jul 22 2014
User_fbt48q Jul 21 2014
candy76 Jul 20 2014 i connected twice but no response from her. used my 13 mins with out any answer from her.
User_wb3qtn Jul 20 2014
User_h2tg72 Jul 20 2014 Great
Usha Jul 20 2014 she is clear and always guide you on right directions
Moon Jul 20 2014 Thanks Rani for the great help. I'll be back with feedback.
Roxy Jul 19 2014 She is wonderful!
User_nd98s6 Jul 18 2014
sayuri3717 Jul 18 2014
massoud Jul 18 2014 great
Aiko Jul 17 2014 very in depth! lovedit
User_jigf8p Jul 17 2014 wonderful session answered some questions i needed to be answred
ramona Jul 17 2014 Thanks!!!
princess Jul 17 2014 I love talking to Rani, very caring and very smooth.. tunes in quickly to the matter and doesn't delay in typing it out for you, hence I keep comnig back to her.. This may be my 20th or so session with her and I am very excited about the things she shared with me this time! Thanks Rani :)
Usermc44 Jul 16 2014 great reading
Cheri77 Jul 16 2014 Not happy with this reading. Very vauge.
Simmy Jul 16 2014 Good reading thanks
User_6mkcj8 Jul 16 2014
bb612 Jul 15 2014 She picked up on the situation quick and will wait to see what happens. Thank you!
User_c4m99m Jul 15 2014 Good solid feedback. Very candid.
Mark Sheldon Jul 15 2014 Well, time will tell if she is correct and I think she is. Seemed to have a REAL grasp of things and I sense she's not afraid to tell the truth about things and merely tell you what you seem to want to hear. I think Rani is authentic, Thanks.
Melrose0620 Jul 14 2014 Rani is very sweet and good reading :) worth the $
albertarose Jul 14 2014 Thank you, Rani, appreciate r insight. Very helpful.
mckp1 Jul 13 2014
debbie Jul 12 2014
Caska_1 Jul 12 2014 Great, deep, quick and wonderfull precised connection! I was surprised how she gets connected so deep and gives details, she is soo sweet and polite , Love her <3
princess Jul 12 2014 THANKS A LOT
jannielenikki Jul 11 2014
sayuri3717 Jul 11 2014

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