Member Date Rating Comment
User_x4kcp3 Dec 19 2014
crisngel Dec 18 2014
funnyface Dec 18 2014
Martha777 Dec 18 2014 great session:) encouraging as always...if this happens as predicted...OMG...Rani you are amazing! will be back to update! God bless.
shippy Dec 18 2014
Usha Dec 18 2014 Consisent on her reading
User_yvsq9v Dec 17 2014
sunshine Dec 17 2014
User_7kgbp2 Dec 16 2014
Katie Dec 16 2014 My session with Rani was great. She was very intuitive and picked up on many things without me having to say anything. She helped me understand the man I have been with for so long and was thinking about leaving, things about him why he is the way he is. I feel like a weight was lifted off my chest after our live chat. She is not the fasted chatter, but it's becuase she meditates on you and your situation. For her price, she does an awesome job at giving you much-needed info in your best interest. Thank you Rani! Will chat again if I need to :)
User_tgza9t Dec 16 2014
User_dckszi Dec 15 2014
Simmy Dec 14 2014 Always helpful and understanding
Martha777 Dec 14 2014 Amazing insight! Great vision...super connected! stick to her predictions and I things do progress the way she predicted a month ago. Will come back to update. Thank you for all your predictions and support. God bless!
epson Dec 13 2014 thank you for the nice reading.
User_sfp3nb Dec 13 2014 Thank you, I feel what you said is acurate.
Perky101 Dec 13 2014
starone Dec 13 2014 Amazing
Juhstyce Dec 12 2014 outstanding
User_a89sej Dec 12 2014
User_x4kcp3 Dec 12 2014
mazzyboo Dec 12 2014 great psychic and lovely person. very intuitive and picked up on my situation straight away.
A2678 Dec 12 2014 Very very slow .. she dragged out sentences ... waited for the minute to complete and then continued typing ... very disappointed ...
Arun Dec 12 2014
salmahamouda Dec 12 2014
User_tgza9t Dec 11 2014
yitotito Dec 11 2014 very good reading and i recommend her to anyone
maxzhakun Dec 11 2014 she is great))
Celestalina Dec 11 2014
User_ied634 Dec 11 2014

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