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breezyshe Apr 19 2014 Rani was very helpful!!!
love Apr 19 2014 Like her alot
heartfelt71 Apr 19 2014 thank you.
Annadai Apr 19 2014 Awsome!! She is very nice person
tulips Apr 19 2014 Great, thanks
forgetable Apr 19 2014
tdaz Apr 18 2014 Ty.
forgetable Apr 18 2014 thanks you..
Vivian Apr 18 2014 THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, so pleased with the beautiful reading !! highly recommend, accurate and so detailed, will definitley be back :) love and blessings my dear xoxoxo
Booman123 Apr 17 2014
beck Apr 17 2014
Angelina Apr 16 2014
Kodak Apr 16 2014 Thanx Rani
sess Apr 16 2014 normal is right thats the light clicked in my understanding thanks
forgetable Apr 16 2014 very good reading today. detailed. intuned. seemed to know my situation like she was there. Will be back once theres more questions.
china Apr 15 2014 I’m not one to beat around the bush so I find out exactly what I want to know by asking specific questions. Don’t get this confused with what I want to hear. I had 2 parts of my reading last year. One that was currently going on, which she was right; The other was timed for next summer which was not planned by me at the time (more of a surprise to hear it) , but I’m definitely on the right track for it to the point where I would be surprised if it didn’t happen. I had another chat with her today. I was able to confirm June being when it all takes place, plus a pick up from last years reading for whats ahead of me past June. I have no reason to doubt her based on my first reading which is why I came back to her. She doesn’t waste my time and she's a fast typer without the time filler that some physics like to throw in so I feel like I'm not wasting money. I would definately recommend if you are looking for a time based reading. She has been the only one that has been accurate for me.
harmony Apr 15 2014
Simmy Apr 15 2014 Excellent detail and help. Thankyou, she is great
suwaad Apr 13 2014
Nicole Apr 13 2014
User_g9rv2w Apr 12 2014 Seems good, but think there was connection issue and didn't get last answer. Do recommend.
tdaz Apr 12 2014 Thx.
Cathi Apr 12 2014 Awesome!
joanne Apr 12 2014 excellent accurate......... lets wait and see, finger crossed
Sing Apr 12 2014
Kahea Apr 11 2014 She is awesome
nilima Apr 11 2014
Jessica Apr 11 2014 Love you xx and the Thankyou again.
Sam03 Apr 11 2014
tdaz Apr 10 2014 Ty.

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