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User_paud3v Apr 24 2014
GerexM Apr 24 2014
LoveNiconMe Apr 24 2014 Now this ready has totally blown me away. So very accurate, honest, no BS and really outstanding of them all. Thank you Rani. I love your reading style and your honesty. I will keep you posted.
Aiko Apr 24 2014 thorough & honest
User_miwcw3 Apr 24 2014 Excellent reading
Michelle Apr 24 2014 She seems so sure of the outcome, I can only hope and pray she is right; she seems to be pretty on the ball with most readings and I will check in with her again in the future. Thank you, Rani!
Nel123 Apr 24 2014 This was a disappointing reading... apparently I will be married by the end of the year - I can tell you now this is very unlikely. But I can also tell you I had to drag answers out of her and didn't get the answers anyhow, she is a slow typer. Don't believe all the ratings you read, she probably fed all these other people lies too and they probably believe her. I am not saying she is entirely inaccurate but when I asked what will happen she jumps straight to marriage. But what happens inbetween? That is the difference between a real reader and her.
tuanh Apr 24 2014
User_6mkcj8 Apr 24 2014
forgetable Apr 23 2014
forgetable Apr 23 2014
ratchet Apr 22 2014 Very detailed and fast typist
User_tgza9t Apr 22 2014
Sunshine90 Apr 22 2014
Trina Apr 22 2014 very reassuring and compassionate
aluminumelephants Apr 21 2014 She is great ! I enjoyed her reading very much
cwilli Apr 21 2014
tenisha Apr 20 2014 ill see when it comes true
sweetdine Apr 20 2014 wow wow always a pleasure to talk to rani she have been honest and accurate about all she see for me and my kids father will see what happen in may im going to have faith now im glad u here for me
nilima Apr 20 2014
shippy Apr 20 2014
breezyshe Apr 19 2014 Rani was very helpful!!!
love Apr 19 2014 Like her alot
heartfelt71 Apr 19 2014 thank you.
Annadai Apr 19 2014 Awsome!! She is very nice person
tulips Apr 19 2014 Great, thanks
forgetable Apr 19 2014
tdaz Apr 18 2014 Ty.
forgetable Apr 18 2014 thanks you..
Vivian Apr 18 2014 THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, so pleased with the beautiful reading !! highly recommend, accurate and so detailed, will definitley be back :) love and blessings my dear xoxoxo

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