Member Date Rating Comment
Lovelife2121 Aug 26 2014 May God Bless you. You are talented, and a wonderful person.
jose4204 Aug 26 2014 wonderful and caring
chris Aug 26 2014 Thank you very much for helping me.
hagar605 Aug 25 2014 consistent
blessedmom Aug 25 2014 Thank you so much for your predictions that have come to pass!!!! I am so ready for these other predictions to come as follows!!! Great reading!!! So excited and only speaks truth!!! 10 stars!!!
User_c4m99m Aug 25 2014 Always straight and to the point.....
Chelseachoppers Aug 25 2014 excellent detailed anaylisis of the situation
mona Aug 25 2014 thank you - always good and warm words
jose4204 Aug 24 2014 so open and sincere
User_a5ic36 Aug 24 2014 very good
blessedmom Aug 24 2014 Wonderful reading!!!! I truly appreciate you explaining everything to me clearly!!!
blessedmom Aug 23 2014
jose4204 Aug 22 2014 always so straight and forward
Gemma202 Aug 22 2014 Rani seems to repeat same things, you notice the more sessions you have with her, same wording but different days... same sayings.,.. almost like a script... very unsure about the connection, is this stuff that we just all want to hear??? or has she got connection. can never go into the problem solving side of it neither just says be possitive i see good things, be possitive. All will be well soon. He loves you from the bottom of his heart, and dreams about you... have had that loads of time.. go figure...
Gemma202 Aug 22 2014
User_rcwj5j Aug 21 2014 She was very well connected to my situation. Will definitely recommend and also come back for....every time.
User_9shm2q Aug 21 2014
ramona Aug 18 2014 Great REDING!!!
sweetdine Aug 18 2014 amazing reader she was honest and told me to hold tight i will be happy soon
Dee Aug 18 2014
peace Aug 17 2014
User_367hwx Aug 17 2014
Simmy Aug 17 2014 Excellent reading and detail, she is amazing!
meblac01 Aug 16 2014 her predictions come true
Jay D Aug 16 2014 Great advice. thanks
User_prubd7 Aug 16 2014
jose4204 Aug 15 2014 very soothing
User_xqhbvc Aug 15 2014
DavidJon Aug 15 2014
User_6mkcj8 Aug 14 2014

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