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Strength Aug 1 2012 I''m sorry EI. I had internet problems. I will call you back. Thank you for your patience. Take care
Strength Jul 31 2012 Thank you, thank you, thank you EI. It's always great to chat to you. The interest you show in my life and how things move for me is great. Your honesty and integrity gets to me everytime. I enjoy chatting to you because I feel your sincerity in our conversations. I will be back to chat to you again. You are a great individual. Someone a person can rely on. Take care EI and may God bless you abundantly.
ms. steiner Jul 30 2012
shell Jul 30 2012 fantastic reading!!!! et is the best reader you can find. you must try him and see what he says. Looking forward to the predictions and i will beback to tell him what happened. Very fast typist, very caring and tells you how itis.
ms. steiner Jul 30 2012 Extremely reliable and accurate...
ms. steiner Jul 29 2012 Very caring, very authentic...
cris Jul 29 2012
eagle3755 Jul 29 2012
ms. steiner Jul 28 2012 So great. So accurate and honest.
ms. steiner Jul 27 2012 Great.
ms. steiner Jul 27 2012 Really careful to answer accurtely, but is still a fast reader...
Strength Jul 26 2012 Thank you so much EI. I always enjoy our chats. I appreciate the guidance and the best part of it all is that I totally trust you because you are so open and honest. Take care and may God bless you.
Strength Jul 26 2012
User_6ynaya Jul 26 2012 Good insights! Was accurate with a prediction in the past about a job so I came back again. I hope his prediction rings true again. Thanks!
maybe33 Jul 26 2012
ms. steiner Jul 25 2012 Very insightfull....
ms. steiner Jul 25 2012 Very caring, honest and psychic.
ms. steiner Jul 25 2012 This psychic will always be honest. He's very sensitive but won't lie. And, he's accurate.
Strength Jul 24 2012 Sorry EI, I got cut off but thank you for guidance. I really appreciate everything you do. Thank you for your honesty and I marvel at your integrity everytime we chat. You don't sugar coat and say it like it is. Thanks for that. Take care.
nand1212 Jul 24 2012 perfect
ms. steiner Jul 24 2012 Very thorough in his replies. He's super honest. And has been accurate in his predictions.
lisa Jul 24 2012
ms. steiner Jul 24 2012 Great, great reader in every way!
Strength Jul 23 2012 Thanks EI. Your friendship means a lot. I can always talk to you and know that you will give true and honest guidance. Take care and I will be back to chat to you again.
Mae Jul 23 2012
Strength Jul 23 2012 Thank you EI. It is always so uplifting to talk to you. Take care and may God bless you abundantly. Thank you for your honesty. I will be back to chat to you again soon.
ms. steiner Jul 23 2012 Super great. Accurate. Honest...
Strength Jul 22 2012 Great session. EI you are a fantastic person. A very honest and open person. I always trust you because you don't sugar coat. Thank you for your time. Your integrity brings me back to you all the time. Take care and may God bless you abundantly.
Strength Jul 22 2012 Thank you EI for your honesty. You are the best. Take care.
ms. steiner Jul 22 2012 Awesome psychic.

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