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malveena Apr 19 2014
malveena Apr 16 2014 ty :)
malveena Apr 14 2014
angel444 Apr 9 2014 Thanks...but they are still together??????
Laurenne Apr 9 2014 great reader thank you
malveena Apr 9 2014
Anushree Srivastava Apr 7 2014 He's been reassuring of what he said . I just hope it happens soon
malveena Mar 31 2014
dreamingstar Mar 24 2014
malveena Mar 22 2014
docviola Mar 21 2014 nice and detailed read
lovelovelove Mar 16 2014 Very promising reading. Hope he is right. He always gives good details.
Isa Mar 16 2014
Isa Mar 16 2014
malveena Mar 11 2014
Isa Mar 9 2014
Isa Mar 9 2014
Isa Mar 9 2014 this has been quite a chat with Sid . He is a wonderful man, very but very patient and understanding. It s nice to be heard without being judged. Predictions seem reasonable & I have faith it will turn out good. Just a gut feeling there. Thank you for your devotion to your gifts Sid. You help a lot of people even if it s just to hear them out & offer spiritual guidance, it is well received. I liked you, the way you put things together. Blessings to you & your family :)
Isa Mar 9 2014
Isa Mar 9 2014
Isa Mar 9 2014
Anushree Srivastava Mar 1 2014 He really reassured me of something which I have lost faith on. Hope what he said happens
gemma Feb 20 2014 highly recommended..the best..calming and so far ontrack..will see in March how things go...ty Sid..ur the best xxxx
Anushree Srivastava Feb 16 2014 hes so helping and reassuring.
Anushree Srivastava Feb 11 2014 He is really promising.Lets see what happens next. Im hopeful.
angel444 Feb 10 2014 Many reservations about what was told to me but I could be wrong...will change rating if I am.
liamliam Feb 8 2014
gemma Feb 6 2014 wow..sid has saved me from somethimng stupid I was going to do....i sure feel better niow...cos I was in doubt..and Sid told me what to do..all good now.....bless you sid..xxxx
drivendriver Jan 26 2014 picked up the situation very quickly and accurately
gemma Jan 21 2014 once agn Sid has calmed me down..and be so excellent in spelling out somethimng i did not see...luv you Sid..all good xxxxxxxx

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