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malveena Dec 19 2014 thank u :)
simone Dec 19 2014
Starburst1786 Dec 19 2014 Did not come to pass. Said in two weeks would get contact from someone and it has been 3 and still no contact. Person seems to have moved on and happy with someone else.
pringles Dec 19 2014 thanks for your positivity sid! i do hope things turn out for the best like you said..i will go with the flow. it was nice chatting with you :)
Sunshine90 Dec 18 2014 Thank you so much, right on point!
Laurenna Dec 18 2014 Sid is a really wonderful reader, such insight and skill... one of the best readers on the site for sure
vivita02 Dec 18 2014 very good reader very considerate. Am soo happy Thank you so much
malveena Dec 17 2014 thanks a lot :)
leanne Dec 16 2014 wow fantastic and amazingly good spot on with everything thanks xxx
User_q76ap2 Dec 15 2014 Very accurate reading! Great advisor!! I'm very happy to have run across his page. Thanks again :-)
lillmirdqe Dec 15 2014 very good advisor
gloriay Dec 15 2014
simone Dec 14 2014 amazing reading ! great and positive and on point with what he said is right on as what he said to me was what we were discussing the previous day ..ty god bless
Mbrown6158 Dec 13 2014 wow thank u so muc foryour insight, has helped alot
User_jhwwrg Dec 13 2014 WOW WOW WOW.. SID WAS JUST AN ANGEL..he had sooo much detail and he picked up on so many personal things.. even my back pain that I never mentioned to him... He's awesome.. dont hesitate to chat.. Thanks Sid :-)
Sue Dec 12 2014 Lovely guy, very accurate, great reading. Very highly recommended, thanks heaps Sid
heartoflove Dec 12 2014
Sue Dec 11 2014 WOW - great, fast reading. Sid picked up an important detail straight up before I said anything really. What he said in the reading that followed was very accurate on many points that I didnt share with him. He is a fast typer, fast to connect and connected really well. He is also very caring and sweet. Lovely guy, great reading - thank you so much.
Martin Dec 11 2014 Good and accurate.
simone Dec 11 2014 was very nice . and hmm i did get a strong sense of what he says made sense to me
wondering Dec 7 2014 fast connection, quick, fast typer, and able to present the current situation! looking forward!!!!
Zie Dec 7 2014
Zie Dec 7 2014 Thank you for the indepth reading. You are very sweet and understanding. I will come back again. Thank you
pix Dec 5 2014 SId has an amazing capacity to pick up a lot of details accurately. I had contacted him 5-6 yrs ago and i am glad to have found him on Kasamba now. Thank you Sid
sweetypie Dec 5 2014 thnx sir. ill update. he feels positive and assured me. lets hope for the best. thnx again.
User_stc83k Dec 2 2014 Spot on, Fast and Amzaingly true. Incredible... Still I cannot believe how he provided this much information and part of them that i was aware, was totally true....
User_stc83k Dec 2 2014 Thanks u. AMazing. Unbelievable
heartoflove Dec 1 2014 very insightful information. excellent . will stay in touch.
User_uanns6 Nov 30 2014
marief Nov 11 2014 I feel Psychic Sid is very very good. He is very in tune with my situation. He validates what Im feeling and he just connects to my situation. You know each of us have intuitions and you just kinda knew somehow if the reader could connect to you and I just felt it with Sid. Thank you for the reading Sid. You are great!! :)

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