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leanne Sep 2 2014 Truely gifted, amazing lady, fantastic so precise and exact with my situation be back again soon :) xx
Cat Sep 2 2014
User_6fdya3 Sep 1 2014 So great for the wondering soul
spiritgirl Aug 31 2014
mara.mara Aug 31 2014
mara.mara Aug 31 2014
Usermc44 Aug 31 2014 Very confusing reading...
sweetie18 Aug 30 2014
sweetie18 Aug 30 2014
Mary Aug 30 2014 Very fast to understand the situation and accurate, thank you for good advice.
User_6fdya3 Aug 29 2014 Such a great reading. REALLY glad we got to connect again.
User_37utmy Aug 29 2014 Thank you so much! Fantastic reading - had to go. Will try to touch base with you again!
User_57hzvi Aug 29 2014 Excellent. Fast typer. Tells you how it is and will stand by her word. Would definitely use her again!
leanne Aug 29 2014 Once again amazing!! Such a lovely person x :) really recommend her x
rusty Aug 29 2014 Interesting insights... the stuff she told me was totally new to me, no idea if its true or not, but it made a lot of sense logically. Hence the 5-star rating. She was quite comforting though types really fast and keeps giving insights. ! Thanks
Mbrown6158 Aug 28 2014 so sorry funds ran out….thank u very much, so much details and so much to think about!! thank u
sweetie18 Aug 28 2014
User_6fdya3 Aug 28 2014 Great reading. I will not give up hope :-)
leanne Aug 27 2014 Absolutely amazing, she was spot on with everything and helped me with loads of confusion. Just brilliant!!!! I be back xx
User_SA Aug 27 2014 funds ran out, brb
ardi Aug 27 2014 She's amazing
smiles143 Aug 25 2014 outstanding as awlays!!
Kimmy Aug 25 2014
sweetie18 Aug 24 2014 Great reading, connects well and fast typist. A+.
dulcegirl Aug 24 2014 Sorry i ran out again, but i hope you dont mind finishing your thought on email. Anyway, thank you so much Sophi, you're amazing, bless your heart. You're such a huge help. :)
dulcegirl Aug 24 2014
dulcegirl Aug 24 2014 thank you Sophi for your honest readings...
angelic Aug 24 2014 oh thank god sophi!!! you are awesome. if you can...please finish your last sentence in an e-mail pleassssss!!!! you are amazing!!! you put my mind at ease
Amethys14 Aug 24 2014 Sofhie has always been caring..loving and sincere..She will give you detailed answers to your questions...and good advice..*****highly recommended***
dj06 Aug 23 2014 not cool to put a customer on hold for 3 mins especially that i'm your regular customer then close the chat!

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