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Annie Oct 31 2014
Annie Oct 31 2014
Annie Oct 30 2014
Annie Oct 30 2014
Annie Oct 30 2014
Annie Oct 29 2014
Annie Oct 29 2014
Annie Oct 28 2014
Dawn Oct 28 2014 She sensed the situation and confirmed that what he is telling me is the truth.
Annie Oct 28 2014 Always inslightful and very helpful very positive and caring attiuted :)
Littleness Oct 25 2014 Ok, holy wow. So I just spent ALOT of money on this session, but wow the details that were provided were better than any other psychic Thank you again Sophie. I so hope you're right about this situation. I will let you know . :)
nancy Oct 23 2014 Very direct and quick with her responses. I am very pleased with my reading, and will follow up as her predictions unfold. Sophi was a gift to me today - she helped me tremendously. Thank you!!!
Annie Oct 22 2014
Annie Oct 21 2014 Awesome as always
Annie Oct 20 2014 always insighful :)
Annie Oct 20 2014 Amazing as always
Glow Oct 19 2014 sorry. ran out o funds.great reading.
pinkmink Oct 19 2014
Annie Oct 19 2014 Awesome
Annie Oct 17 2014 always a great insight !!!
User_n4fhwn Oct 16 2014 Good insight and spot on. Told me what I needed to know. Thank you, Sophi!
janky20 Oct 16 2014 Veryn sounds advice and very thorough. Highly recommended.
Littleness Oct 15 2014 Once again a very detailed and outstanding reading via email. I do hope that you are correct. Thank you again for all your readings.
Annie Oct 15 2014
Annie Oct 13 2014 Brilliant
Redtribe Oct 12 2014 Really like talking with her. She is very kind and patient especially with my current craziness. Time will tell if she is right on the situation and I will update this. Thank you Sophie!
Annie Oct 11 2014 Awsome as always :) great insight to what is going on an completley honest and kind :)
Annie Oct 10 2014 :)
nishanish88 Oct 10 2014 I am in a really difficult time in my life and have a son to raise on my own. Sophi not only gave me the ease and calm state of mind she returned. I needed to hear the truth and that's exactly what I heard. I LOVE HER!!! Will be back real soon. :-)
Littleness Oct 10 2014 I get email readings from Sophie and she does not waste my time or money. She seems to tap into my situation well and is truly a gifted spirit. I highly recommend reading with this woman.

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