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User_yb6zi3 Apr 18 2014 Fantastice as always!
User_yb6zi3 Apr 18 2014
Jessica Apr 14 2014 Thankyou for the kind words and sense of direction :)
gianters1 Apr 13 2014 exceptional!
casper Apr 13 2014 Great help to me tonight - thanks so much Sophi. Would you mind finishing that last little bit in an email please? Thanks again and I will be back for sure.
casper Apr 13 2014 Excellent insight. Thanks Sophi.
User_yb6zi3 Apr 8 2014
dk1981 Apr 7 2014 as alwways so detailed and outstanding
douja Apr 6 2014 no funds left! sorry. Thanks Sophie for the continuous accuracy! Love you! xx
mona Apr 6 2014 outstanding
User_zufbx4 Apr 6 2014
Shayshay Apr 4 2014 I really enjoyed the reading I received from Sophi, she is awesome. Each time she reads for me she has a sweet disposition, very nice and she's very caring. I didn't give her any information really and she picked up on my situation right away and remembered my name and my situation from the last reading last year. I will definitely be updating you Sophi on what happens in a few days. I beleive in your predictions and can't wait for them to come true! I guess I just have to be patient and have more faith in God, and I will! Sophi you are gift from God!
dectorah Apr 3 2014 Omg..very amazing and detailed reading dear Sophie... Im are really sure that your predictions will happen..sure will come back..god bless you :-)
Maleskcr1 Apr 3 2014
shoushou Apr 2 2014 ran out of funds... but will be back for more. VEry kind and types very quickly
Heather Apr 2 2014 What can I say? This lady is amazing, insightful, honest and caring. She told me things that I didn't know about my ex. I now feel so positive that everything will work out for me. I will re-post when it does.
dk1981 Mar 31 2014 ourstanding spot reading so far....xx
User_yb6zi3 Mar 30 2014
douja Mar 30 2014 no funds left. Thanks a lot Sophie, outstanding reading as usual ! much love xxx
DugN34 Mar 30 2014
Maleskcr1 Mar 26 2014
Questions Mar 25 2014
douja Mar 24 2014 sorry Sophie, no funds left...thx for your time, please finish the last sentence if you can xx
Mary Mar 23 2014 Thank you Sophia I will return.
Mary Mar 23 2014
ccibabe Mar 20 2014 She can go on a bit much, but so far all her predictions have come to pass.
Maleskcr1 Mar 17 2014 my first time speaking with her. she gave some good information that i will look to see develop in the future!
terry Mar 16 2014 We got disconnected again. Can you please email me the rest. Sophi is always so insightful and great! Straightforward and honest! Thank you so much!!!
Sherry777 Mar 15 2014 Honest and straight forward even when it is not what you want to hear or want to happen. She is a fast typer and very quick to respond. Gives lots of information.
nora Mar 14 2014 sophie see things and knows what is going on that we can't see.

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