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User_h4hkn8 Jul 18 2014 Thanks Sophie! one of my favourite!
Hope Jul 15 2014 I will contact her back with an update. She was very quick to connect and very kind even though I had questions that I could not explain clearly. I hope that what she has said come to pass and will take her advice on how to move forward.
josiec Jul 8 2014 Outstanding, very insightful.
User_bjfcxz Jul 7 2014
DugN34 Jul 6 2014
Louise49 Jul 3 2014
User_h4hkn8 Jul 3 2014 no funds left! thx my dear friend! take care xoxoxox
User_h4hkn8 Jul 3 2014 awesome!
danmic Jul 1 2014 I can only hope what she says is true
douja Jun 30 2014 she's the BEST!
mizz_sweet_s Jun 29 2014 Very accurate and detailed
abenitez59 Jun 28 2014
User_tgfdq2 Jun 28 2014 Great advise and really hit on my situation. The best!
ggg77 Jun 26 2014 Thanks so much!! please email me the last bit
douja Jun 25 2014 Thanks Sophie! You're the best xoxoxoxoxox
douja Jun 23 2014 OUTSTANDING!
douja Jun 23 2014 run out of funds! thanks Sophie xx
nikki Jun 21 2014 hope you can finish your last sentence.. thanks you were GREAT
rumi Jun 20 2014
User_yb6zi3 Jun 12 2014
User_yb6zi3 Jun 12 2014
nadalia Jun 12 2014
User_z34p9x Jun 11 2014 Really pegged the person I asked about - to a T....
redrose01 Jun 9 2014 quick typing and seem to be forward and honest...caught onto other people around me
DugN34 Jun 8 2014
ggg77 Jun 7 2014 Thanks!! money ranout please email me the rest!!
crys806 Jun 5 2014 AWESOME... she was on top of every thing and she knew before me even saying anything to her I will for sure be getting in contact with her again... She amazed me with what she told me. Thank you so much.
flo Jun 5 2014
Seeker Jun 4 2014 Sophi right on the money, as usual. Technical probs couldn't finish chat, will try back later on. Thanks Sophi Seeker
laiki Jun 3 2014 cut short but really great reading thanks.

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