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when2bcome1 Dec 20 2014 Thanks love you are great as always!
Tina Dec 20 2014 Amazing connection
tequila Dec 20 2014
Joan Dec 18 2014 Sophie, ty so much!!! My funds ran out.. Love Joan
Annie Dec 17 2014 amazing session really positive and honest
Littleness Dec 16 2014 Sophie continues to hold steadfast to what she sees...thank you Sophie! The details you provide are uncanny. WOW.
nbs1961 Dec 12 2014 great insight but lost connection
User_vm26yw Dec 12 2014
SaraRoma Dec 12 2014 spot on
Littleness Dec 11 2014 I still say she is the best reader, although things are not happening the way I had hoped. IF things happen the way she predicts, I promise to update. But for now, she is still very insightful and detailed.
Littleness Dec 11 2014 PLease read with Sophie!! She provides details that no other reader will be able to provide. She is VERY GIFTED. THANK YOU!
User_5zvvzi Dec 10 2014 I liked her a LOT!!
Littleness Dec 6 2014 Continues to amaze me - sophie can you please finish in email my funds completely ran out. I am sorry!!
heartoflove Dec 5 2014 excellent advice. many thanks....i gained clarity from the session.
heartoflove Dec 5 2014 fast and accurate reading. thank you
Littleness Dec 2 2014 Outstanding is not even the words I should use - she's better than outstanding. She provides DETAILS. You will not be disappointed in contacting Sophie. Thank you again!
missy Nov 29 2014
missy Nov 29 2014
Annie29 Nov 23 2014 Amazing
User_yb6zi3 Nov 22 2014
Littleness Nov 17 2014 Sophie is VERY kind and is trying to help me, and does not sugar coat nor does she lie or tell you what you want to hear. I HIGHLY recommend you to read with Sophie. You will not be disappointed.
Littleness Nov 17 2014 Sophie just gave me a very in depth reading, of which I hope with all my heart that she's correct. Unfortunately since I haven't seen anything happen yet, I'm not sure of anything. But Sophie seems so confident in her words, that I can't help but feel somewhat better. But 5 stars for the depth and time she took in her response. Thank you again.
Gawgisdol Nov 17 2014 she is so amazing ! spot on with everything., i was like WOW!
mari2008 Nov 16 2014 Great reading
Mary Nov 15 2014 Thank you for your hope, i had to go , we will see what happens.
Tia Nov 14 2014 As Always excellent reading.
Tia Nov 11 2014 Ran out of funds. Excellent Reading!!!! I will be back soon to finish it. Thanks
Gawgisdol Nov 11 2014 brilliant reading . spot on honey!
Kpndafaith Nov 9 2014 Very good!
Annie Nov 8 2014 Always amazing

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