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Littleness Sep 29 2014 WOW. Second email reading. Wow. She is outstanding.
Hajra Sep 28 2014 Great insight
User_83zz7u Sep 26 2014 Very honest and kind reading! :-)
Gesh38 Sep 25 2014 This is only the 2nd time I've spoke to Sophie since last year. She still holds true to her 1st reading. Though who knows what will happen, she seems to be very well connected to the person in question. She still shows that things will work out even after a year part. We shall see if what she says comes true. Still waiting........
ccass1 Sep 24 2014 thank you so much... sorry i had to go, ran out of funds, but looking forward to everything!
Mary Sep 24 2014 Thank you for your reading, I will hope on your words.
nishanish88 Sep 23 2014 I recommend her. Now ima do what she said to see if it does turn up this way. :-)
Glow Sep 23 2014 Her predition came true. always spot on. tahnk you so much for the reading. god bless.
Glow Sep 22 2014 very insightful reading full of details.
ckya Sep 22 2014 Very caring
DugN34 Sep 21 2014
User_6fdya3 Sep 21 2014 She'll give you a straight and extremely detailed answer into all situations in your life. Give her a try.
User_6fdya3 Sep 21 2014 Catching up on old ratings, but really, she's amazing.
User_6fdya3 Sep 21 2014 Love her!
User_6fdya3 Sep 21 2014 Much thanks again
User_6fdya3 Sep 21 2014 She's truly great.
User_6fdya3 Sep 21 2014 There's a reason I keep coming back to her!
Mary Sep 18 2014 So sorry, had to go now, but thank you so much, appreciate all of your advice and reading.
ckya Sep 18 2014 Sophi, you are always so amazing! THANK U
casper Sep 18 2014 Sophi is fantatic and has given me real hope for the next few months. Thank you Sophi for being there for me.
ggg77 Sep 18 2014 Thanks!!!
User_ck6d2g Sep 17 2014 great thank you
User_z99rcm Sep 17 2014 Very goood and accurate....gave good advice...she is a most.......
ggg77 Sep 15 2014 EXCELLENT!!!
ggg77 Sep 15 2014 Thanks a lot please email me the last line
Glow Sep 14 2014 wow...she is a super psychic. read the person very well...very detailed and really helped me undersatnd the situation and gave fantastic advise on on how to deal with it as well.
User_icriu3 Sep 14 2014
Tricia Sep 13 2014 Thank you Sophi. I understand everything. I will just have to wait. You know, I've been on this dating site (which, by the way, was a big waste of money) and there is no one that even comes close to Mark and I don't want to leave him behind....I don't. I guess time will tell. And, of course, I believe you! You have helped me more than any other! Thanks so very, very much!
greekgoddess Sep 13 2014 Brrrrrrrrilliant connection! Accurate and compassionate and to the point! Will definitely look for Sophi again! :)
Littleness Sep 12 2014 OMG!!!! Sophie!!!! This woman is OUTSTANDING. Read with her NOW!!

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