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Mari Oct 30 2014 Very helpful and compassionated. Reassuring and calming. Loved the breathing exercise with immediate effect.
User_xu48qd Oct 29 2014 She seemed nice, and even offered some good advice right from the first session. I also like that she didn't seem to be judgemental
User_bwptan Oct 26 2014
Ashley Oct 10 2014 Caring and considerate
User_qgkad5 Oct 6 2014
User_su6uqy Oct 1 2014
Robbia Sep 15 2014 What a wonderful lady! I really needed someone to understand and she was the BEST!
joyrenee Sep 14 2014 A good listener, wise, kind, and thoughtful. I was heard, and felt better afterwards. My heart is lighter now. Thank you Donna.
User_zkqfd4 Sep 9 2014 very informative and compassionate. thank you.
User_jwh9vu Aug 30 2014
User_qjyhzf Aug 17 2014
User_qgkad5 Aug 7 2014 She love Jesus, 'nuff said
User_zkqfd4 Aug 6 2014 friendly, compassionate
User_zkqfd4 Aug 5 2014 friendly and kind. as always, helpful
User_bjr75d Aug 5 2014 Thoughtful, caring and passionate......I needed an avenue to vent my frustration and this session was the solution. I CAN!I CAN!,
User_zkqfd4 Aug 3 2014 very compassionate and understanding. thank you.
tesseract Aug 3 2014 I'm sorry that this was cut short. I really enjoyed talking to you though! Hopefully when I can, we can talk again.
tesseract Aug 3 2014
User_drdx75 Jul 28 2014
User_n46aii Jul 16 2014
archer Jul 12 2014 very nice, offered me some nice advice
User_gixmv5 Jul 7 2014
je010187 Jul 3 2014
User_n46aii Jun 25 2014 Donna has given me hope; she believes Jesus is present in our lives and I do too. She's very empathetic, gentle, understanding. This is my first session, & I anticipate what is to come--both for addressing my problems and for getting to know this wonderful sister in Christ. Highly recommend!
auddrenad Jun 22 2014
genebean Jun 18 2014
Iamag83 Jun 10 2014 Donna is a lovely woman. She listens well, is compassionate, and provided needed support and sound advise. I am glad I called her.
a_nnetta Jun 7 2014 very very sweet...lovely amazing energy and presence
Jill May 29 2014 Very kind and caring expert! Thank you for listening to me.
User_2cmd73 May 23 2014

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