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sayuri3717 Oct 22 2014
goodgirl Oct 22 2014 EXCELLENT.
User_qee5dr Oct 22 2014 Very detailed! Nice and quick. Thank you so much for your help!
sayuri3717 Oct 21 2014 thanks for your kind advice which I really wish could come true.
Mermaid Oct 21 2014
sayuri3717 Oct 20 2014
gaia bagnasacco Oct 19 2014
User_q634q5 Oct 18 2014 he is very helpful and nice. he understands the situation and connects very well. i ran out of funds but i really appreciate your help, it was much needed. thank you and god bless.
la fleur Oct 17 2014 i didnt feel convinced with his answers so am giving him this score.
User_3x8cf4 Oct 16 2014
User_n56f48 Oct 15 2014
sayuri3717 Oct 14 2014
goodgirl Oct 14 2014
Angelina Oct 12 2014 very quick and I hope it comes true
goodgirl Oct 10 2014
User_n56f48 Oct 9 2014 Very Good!! pick up the situation really fast and connected. Hoping the predictions will come true :)
goodgirl Oct 8 2014
User_f6r5gh Oct 7 2014 Lets see what happens Thank you
tuanh Oct 6 2014
User_gzehd3 Oct 6 2014 Very insightful. Clear reading, tells me exactly what I know and think is going on. Hopefully it will all come to light soon!
la fleur Oct 5 2014 He is a good reader, answers your questions and also gives you more information accordingto what he sees or senses.
Usermc44 Oct 5 2014 Nice reader, insightful and very detailed- just hope it all come true
goodgirl Oct 4 2014
Jasmine Oct 4 2014 Very great pyschic.. gave me spot on advice!
Janice Oct 3 2014 He is very quick to connect and be able to tell me things of current that are ture, he offers great advise!
ramona Oct 3 2014 Very good reading!!!! Everything he say was exactly what is going on.......I hope the things will be better in my way.... thanks alot!!
User_paud3v Oct 3 2014 TY so much for clairty and answers! we will see what happens!!
goodgirl Oct 2 2014
Saree Oct 2 2014 Seems very astute. I hope he is right.. I have waited many years. Blessings
sayuri3717 Oct 2 2014 thanks again for your nice advice.

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