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peace Aug 28 2014
Simmy Aug 27 2014 Excellent detailed reading, really took the time to answer all my questions.
Angelina Aug 27 2014 excellent reading, not what I was expecting, hope it comes true, and very clear and concise
Discover Aug 24 2014 He is definitely not an astrologer. Cut me off after wasting my money- astrologers need to be scanned on this website prior to allowing them to do such service. Please do not use false acharya names to back you up for something you don't do.
Annalisa Aug 23 2014 Very insightful. wise
Mermaid Aug 23 2014 Very honest and accurate with readings. Always go back if you need a proper reading! AAA+++
Janice Aug 22 2014 Wonderful, very insightful he knew so much about our personalities it was amazing, answered my questions before i even asked them! thank you so much for you positive guidance!
User_552kh9 Aug 22 2014
Mermaid Aug 22 2014
colofox10 Aug 19 2014 he continues to say the person is going to be in my life...lets see how it goes.
sayuri3717 Aug 19 2014
SK008 Aug 19 2014 Great reading:)
colofox10 Aug 18 2014 he was able to discuss my progress with someone and still say the same about how he feels about me (the guy).
Angelina Aug 15 2014 very quick, insightful and hopefully come true
hayden84 Aug 15 2014 so refreshing and encouraging and exactly the same as last time. its so reassuring that this is still the right direction for me. just need to give things more time. thank you so much.
User_c42hhf Aug 14 2014 keeps your faith up when things not looking good
sayuri3717 Aug 14 2014 thank you always for your warm advice
peace Aug 13 2014
AArzoo Aug 13 2014
colofox10 Aug 11 2014 He was able to help me make sense of things with someone I care about. :)
kena326 Aug 11 2014 he gave me so much reassurance. I was starting to grow impatient and confused but he reconfirmed what i already knew in my heart
colofox10 Aug 11 2014 he keeps on with his words about the person I care about.
Simmy Aug 11 2014 Good reading and understanding. thanks
sayuri3717 Aug 6 2014
User_paud3v Aug 6 2014 GREAT first reading! VEry fast typer and lots of detail and information on my situation. and helpful advice. Thank you PLG7!
Janice Aug 5 2014 Very good connections he told me answers before i even asked the question.
colofox10 Aug 5 2014 He was able to tell me what I was feeling is almost as true as what I see.
gaia bagnasacco Aug 1 2014
gaia bagnasacco Aug 1 2014
colofox10 Aug 1 2014 he was able to help me assess my true feelings about someone I cared for.

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