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debra Apr 21 2014 very direct, goes right in, with details on point and needs no details from you. the real deal.
aaa87 Apr 20 2014 nice guy explains the situation very calmly and consicely...will see if it happens..itss all in the ...dnt know wht will a nice guy overall!
Milly Apr 19 2014 very accurate and spot on!!! thank you sooo much!
sayuri3717 Apr 19 2014 always thanks a lot for your kind suggestion.
Tina Apr 19 2014 good reading thankyou very much
katt Apr 18 2014
Nicole Apr 18 2014
Beloved Apr 18 2014 Thankyou u hit some things right on the spot, my mouth was open or in wow motion... loll but everything was touching nd emotional.
Shanti444 Apr 16 2014 Very detailed, lots of information, fast typer and consisitent with his readings
gaia bagnasacco Apr 14 2014 Great advisor and great soul!
kasia9012 Apr 13 2014 very kind and straight to the point. thanks so much :)
flo Apr 12 2014
sayuri3717 Apr 12 2014 thanks for your sugestion
Simmy Apr 12 2014 good detail, and thanks
ophelia84 Apr 7 2014 Great advisor, sees the situation clearly and is able to focus on all areas. :)
User_jigf8p Apr 7 2014 great session really love my time with him. always make me feel so good about my relationship
babymook Apr 6 2014
Jazzy54 Apr 6 2014 very good, he talks with passion, fast typer , Great one of the best !
Simmy Apr 3 2014 Good reading
Yoni_UK Apr 3 2014 Do not use this advisor. I asked for my birth chart to be analysed and was wrong with everything. i got suspicious so asked him where certain planet placements were to check because already had some knowledge of where they were and he couldnt answer me! He said he had my chart in front of him but that must've been a complete lie. Stay away he will only tell you things you want to hear which all seems wonderful but is unable to back up how he can see that in the chart because he doesnt actually draw up a chart!! I want a refund!
gaia bagnasacco Apr 3 2014 Always a blessing
Heather Apr 1 2014 What a wonderful reader, he picked up everything around my man and has given me much hope for the future, will be back
gaia bagnasacco Mar 31 2014 Such a beautifull advisor!
vagablonde Mar 31 2014 absolutely one of the best , clear concise readings i have had, answered my questions, and have peace of mind, highly recommended will be back for future readings :)
Tulip2013 Mar 30 2014 Very good reading...he connected very well to my situation and the person in question....Answered all my questions and gave detailed information...***highl y recommended******
User_8bp79d Mar 29 2014 connected very quickly.... He answered all my questions... he is very accurate and to the point... Loved him and will get back to him for more insight later... 5 stars....
tuanh Mar 29 2014
Hope 123 Mar 29 2014
sweetypie Mar 29 2014 thnx sir
Regina Mar 28 2014 Very nice guy... not 100% sure I felt a connection.

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