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colofox10 Jul 24 2014 he was able to assess my worrying and guide me through what to do right with those I care about.
gaia bagnasacco Jul 24 2014
User_a5ic36 Jul 23 2014 very nice
User_c42hhf Jul 23 2014 good pick up on feelings
colofox10 Jul 22 2014 he was able to give me answers to my struggling mind and heart about someone I care about. good reading.
Simmy Jul 22 2014 good reading, thanks
RenewedStrength Jul 19 2014 Great reading!
Moon Jul 18 2014 Thank you so much Guru for the great insight. I'll be back with more feedback. Thanks for all the warmth and support and boosting my confidence.
Zie Jul 17 2014 He is can sense what is going on in my life. Accurate and percised with what he said. Thank you.
Margaret Jul 16 2014 Very insightful. Has been accurate in the several readings I have had so far.
Simmy Jul 16 2014 Excellent reading, very patient and detailed.
blondie09 Jul 14 2014 very good reading.
Mermaid Jul 13 2014
sayuri3717 Jul 12 2014
User_8k2vnj Jul 10 2014 great guy 100% accurate. highly recommend. love this guy
Shanti444 Jul 10 2014 Very honest and accurate reader
Shanti444 Jul 10 2014 He is always very good and very detailed
User_wg4svq Jul 8 2014
hopeful Jul 8 2014 very fast and confident, with timeframes. lots to look forward to!
gaia bagnasacco Jul 7 2014
mysterygypsy Jul 7 2014 I may have cut him off, I really appreciate speaking with the guru very kind, intuitive, and clear. I will come back to him over and over again
User_frpadd Jul 7 2014 Fantastic and uplifting. Hopefully his predictions will come true.
LWalling Jul 6 2014 he was very fast and honest and I will be keeping him updated on his prediction
Mermaid Jul 5 2014
RenewedStrength Jul 4 2014 Very kind and patient...answered all my questions!
jj20 Jul 2 2014 He picked up on the situation quickly and offered good advice. I hope that his predictions come to pass. Thank you!
flo Jul 2 2014
Mona Jul 2 2014 Wow!! Thank you!! I was blown away about all the insight and details that no one else knows.You are definitely a real deal reader! Also very warm, and caring! Very present and into the reading! Highly professional!! I will call back! Blessings to you!! :)
User_y6da87 Jul 2 2014 He is soooooo accurate in his reading....
sayuri3717 Jul 1 2014

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