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Jennifer Sep 21 2012
kcgg3000 Sep 19 2012 I ran out of funds, but there are so many things I want to talk to you about. He and I still have some financial ties. Don't even know how to unravel. Somethings I have stepped back from and let them go. But I feel like a failure I miss him. And as you have said & I hope to believe time heals all wounds. Hope to talk to you again soon.
kcgg3000 Sep 19 2012 Thank you Dr. Fearrington. At times I feel like there is something wrong with me. Why can't I let this go? Thank you for letting me know that my emotions are normal.
epacheco2 Jun 2 2012 Lesson was very good & understandable. Thank you.
Polar 2 Nov 21 2010 Nov. 21st, 2010 12:41 am I will try Dr. Nathan Fearrington suggestions if I can! I do not think it will change ! I was a reader,Now I just can't get into it anymore, NOT EVEN GOD'S HOLY WORD, NOR SPIRIT OF PROPHECY! And I have tried to defend myself, but to no availe[sp]!!!!everythi ng he said is good! if he talked to my family, he would believe them over me, because everyone does, because I am the mental , angry, forgetful old person!!! but I will try
Myralisa Sep 10 2010
Taryn_HC Aug 21 2010
Myralisa Jul 8 2010
Jami Murphy Jun 20 2010
Jami Murphy May 18 2010
eve May 15 2010 Was really good, listend well, setup weekly appt.
majida May 15 2010 thank you Helpful
JustJami74 May 14 2010 Thank you very much. I will definitely work on the exercises you gave me.
adam May 10 2010 very helpful
User_7w5fxt Mar 17 2010 Dr. Fearrington you are excellent. You really help me adress my concerns and allow me to move forward in this healing process and to repair my broken situation. God Bless You and stay commited to your cause
chazz Mar 13 2010
User_w8cc7f Feb 18 2010 The Doc told me exactly what I needed to hear!
User_nagz6n Feb 16 2010 Very helpful - best I have felt in 3 weeks
thinkaboutit Feb 13 2010 so fair
marianina8 Feb 2 2010 Wow, great ....I hope he's right :) We will see tonight...
Jesse Suarez Dec 15 2009 it helped allot. im glad i made the effort. seems like a great guy.
PuchiLa Dec 10 2009
mrspress Dec 6 2009 I feel better...that's the point right
bjruby72 Oct 31 2009 Caring..and pure. If you need an honest males point of view..stop in here
smoochie Oct 30 2009 helpful
unallowed Oct 14 2009 listened well tried diligently to help
User_tk4smc Sep 20 2009
lonelyboy Aug 28 2009
steve Aug 25 2009
goetica Aug 16 2009 very good clinician. is nonjudgmental and helpful.

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