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User_av79n9 Apr 24 2014 I did some art therapy which was immensely relaxing to me!
User_ti6x99 Apr 24 2014 very good
sharifa84 Apr 24 2014
User_q3xtgz Apr 23 2014
User_av79n9 Apr 17 2014 God Bless this woman!
User_q3xtgz Apr 16 2014 Absolutely wonderful woman, kind, intuitive, thoughtful, and also knowledgeable. I so appreciate our conversation and I'm looking forward to our next!
User_rc9h5f Apr 10 2014
Rose Apr 1 2014 Warm, friendly, inspiring comments and a blessing to chat with
gabby Mar 31 2014
User_wr4344 Mar 30 2014 Ms. Davis's words brought me to tears. For so many months I have been struggling with some hard issues. I have been searching everywhere on the internet for help and have talked to many people. No one has answered me in the way she has. She has allowed me to see what is important to focus on and how to give the rest to god to sort out. Thankyou Ms. Davis. I will surely be back soon. :)
Jill C. Mar 29 2014
User_av79n9 Mar 28 2014 Such a wonderful person. Gave me insight and wisdom so desperately needed!
connie Mar 21 2014 Donna was quite wonderful. She gave an interesting perspective (infused with some religion) to help me with overcoming anxiety. A bit slow with typing but otherwise great.
Matthew619 Mar 20 2014
User_yqcsq3 Mar 20 2014
gabby Mar 15 2014
User_yqcsq3 Mar 10 2014 Very helpful in a very difficult situation. I apprecialte very much a Christian perspective.
kryse27 Feb 8 2014 good
User_sz47pv Jan 7 2014
User_3jnu22 Dec 27 2013 Very insightful and easy to talk to. in the 20 minutes, i felt a lot of weight lifted from my shoulders and had a technique to put to use to help me move forward. Wonderful!!
User_qbj8gz Dec 6 2013 Donna was just wonderful. Insightful and quick to pinpoint some painful spots that need some love and attention. I am working on them now and we have a date to continue our therapy. She is open and honest and it's reassuring to me to know she will continue to help me. I am not so afraid anymore. She gave me some excellent starting advice and kept me from veering off in the wrong direction from the start.
basic02 Nov 29 2013
User_pjc6pr Nov 26 2013
CatastropheWaitress Nov 25 2013 Very sweet and understanding lady. Helped me get through on a difficult night. Thank you!
clk87 Nov 23 2013
Mari Oct 23 2013
User_snpufz Oct 16 2013 Very kind. Helped me with a terribly confusing problem. Set me straight with what God wants for me.
User_utd2c9 Oct 9 2013 Donna was extremely understanding, and very helpful.
Kordelia Sep 30 2013
User_5ajz26 Sep 23 2013 Donna is great, she helped me a lot to cope with my feelings and life situations

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