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WhenTheStarShines Dec 18 2014 I have real clarity as a result of speaking with Patricia. Very warm, supportive and helped me see what I need to do. Thank you!
WhenTheStarShines Dec 18 2014
DyerMaker Dec 9 2014 Great session!
DyerMaker Dec 7 2014 Awesome as always! Thank you!
DyerMaker Dec 7 2014
DyerMaker Dec 6 2014 Lovely session!
DyerMaker Dec 4 2014 Love Patricia, such a great person to talk to!
DyerMaker Nov 30 2014 Great session!
amanda1111 Nov 29 2014 I was looking for someone to talk through difficult emotions with, but this person was very fixy and also made assumptions about me without considering my feelings. Rather than listening, she shared her own story, I believe tht the fact that she had gone through something similar prevented her from hearing how I was being affected.
DyerMaker Nov 29 2014 Lovely session!
User_2aedm6 Nov 22 2014
aloneinbrighton Nov 22 2014
User_rkj5ai Nov 19 2014 a great listener who has the ability to infer and offer sound advice. She has empathy and is someone I would suggest you speak with if something is difficult for you.
User_5amjkd Nov 17 2014 thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJC Nov 10 2014 I feel so much better after speaking with Patricia. She gave me the extra strength I needed to move forward this week. I'll be sure to touch base again
Texan-46 Oct 31 2014
thesimplesimon Oct 28 2014
Alyson Rhoads Oct 28 2014 <3 her
User_kqx3ta Oct 26 2014
matrix1806 Oct 25 2014 Unfortunately I have to say that she was out of touch and completely useless as a therapist. She kept objecting everything I said, tried to manipulate me and kept interrupting throughout our conversation, A complete waste of money from my point of view.
mark Oct 23 2014
Guam70 Oct 23 2014
Texan-46 Oct 22 2014
Texan-46 Oct 22 2014
Texan-46 Oct 22 2014
User_kn2mbi Oct 20 2014 Awesome! Great help in discussing issues with our teenage daughter.
Alyson Rhoads Oct 14 2014 I wish I could meet this amazing human being. She's helped me sort so many things out.. Thank you Patricia.
st290 Oct 6 2014
st290 Oct 6 2014
User_kqx3ta Sep 23 2014

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