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lownote Apr 26 2014 Gave me tremendous insight on my issues, and lots of suggestions on how to help myself feel better. I will call back. Thank you so much!
Michele Dec 15 2013
amytobe Nov 16 2010
WilliamJM123 Nov 12 2010 So helpful and understanding. Empathetic and practical
skyisblue798 Oct 11 2010 Excellent, as always.
angelmuse Oct 7 2010 Charlene, your observations and insights were very helpful! You also communicated with me in a very warm, empathetic style that made me feel that I was interacting with an old friend. Thank you so much for everything! You may be sure that I will not hesitate to contact you again, should I be in need of your advice!
skyisblue798 Oct 5 2010 Very patient. Excellent insight.
angelmuse Oct 2 2010 Thank you so much!!! You are obviously a very compassionate, caring person yourself! You have helped me greatly with your suggestions, and I will definitely get back in touch with you for more help whenever I may need it!! Thanks again, and God bless you!!!! : )
mariapilar Aug 11 2010
good stock trader Jun 25 2010 really good help had good ideas.
zcelikay Jun 4 2010 thanks
zcelikay Jun 4 2010 Thanks
photographer82 May 1 2010
JoJO Mar 5 2010 calming experience
loopychc Feb 6 2010 excellant support and advice, clever intuition and calming influence.

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