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Smile Apr 15 2014 trying. got tempeh. and kim chi. added to green beans and coconut aminos still left. its almost gone. making now hogdson mills gluten free chocolate brownies. only not have eggs nor butter so added coconut oil, pumpkin and lots the brown rice protein. threw in 3 bags ginger tea in case i live still i waste. And the final tada? lemon yogurt covered simple truth almonds! wahoo. do you know what those become especially when heated?! yep yep! DEATH CANDY! WAHOO. IM SPEEDING OUT TONIGHT ON WASTE FOOD! pray it works, please?
Smile Apr 15 2014 and ill be dumb! ill be pastless! ill be cleaned and bust loose and acid explosion. in 5 haha. thank you. i try. i try i try
Smile Apr 13 2014 :) i have so much undone :) GOODNIGHT lets hope
Philippa28 Apr 11 2014
Philippa28 Apr 11 2014
User_7p2d83 Apr 2 2014 So wonderful and understanding. I real help with real world advice. I will be coming back.
User_m8mtdb Mar 17 2014
User_cxezsc Mar 15 2014 Always gives helpful advice and understands the situation right away.
MissMusic Mar 11 2014 As usual, Marnie is the best. There is no one I'd rather talk to. Felt like I have known her forever, and really trust her. If I could talk to Marnie every day, I really would.
Philippa28 Mar 9 2014 Thanks
Philippa28 Mar 1 2014
Philippa28 Mar 1 2014 Will return...
Philippa28 Mar 1 2014 Thanks
jennifer Feb 24 2014
jennifer Feb 15 2014
jennifer Feb 15 2014
jennifer Jan 24 2014 Great!!!!
Doryn Wallach Jan 5 2014 It's like talking to a better version of myself. She just gets it!
Doryn Wallach Dec 31 2013 She's amazing!
User_95bikj Dec 31 2013
User_cxezsc Dec 31 2013 Insightful and helpful
MissMusic Dec 30 2013 Marnie has it all. She has such a gift! She speaks in PLAIN language (and is actually very funny!) and gets right to the heart of the matter. If I ever need any sort of advice again, she is my number one choice. I can't tell you how much better she has made me feel about something deeply troubling me.
TirzahLaughs Dec 29 2013
User_vz7znw Dec 28 2013 Feeling better already :) thank you !! X
shauna Dec 19 2013 X
User_cxezsc Dec 19 2013 I´ve had several sessions with marnie and always am very satified with her insight and advice. Very no-nonsense and to the point.
shauna Dec 17 2013 realistic support and feedback!!! :-)
User_7cx8zx Dec 13 2013 excellent, very helpful, made sense when presented with a complicated mess....i know have direction and feel like i can move forward and have weight lifted
User_wcb5ia Dec 9 2013
User_wcb5ia Dec 8 2013 I have talked to many therapists in my lifetime and NO ONE has ever been able to read me so clearly and understand me as well as Marnie in just 3 sessions. Even the first time we spoke, she got me right away. Her wisdom, quirky humor, vast experience and terrific personality is what we all need a little more of in our lives (and in a therapist). I am hooked!

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