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John Branum Nov 17 2014
Philippa28 Nov 15 2014 Let me know more...sounds rather helpful. Thank you
Philippa28 Nov 14 2014 Thanks Marnie...I'll keep to the positives.:)
User_cubapk Nov 13 2014
User_cubapk Nov 11 2014
User_cubapk Nov 4 2014
User_cubapk Nov 3 2014
User_cubapk Oct 27 2014 Marnie is a super successful lady, but she knows pain, so if you are looking for someone who is very "real", talk to her. She is lovely & awesome :)
User_n7h9wk Oct 25 2014 So helpful and kind! Got me to see things in a whole new light and in the most understanding and kind way. Thank you!
User_cubapk Oct 19 2014 She is a miracle
User_dn9bi4 Sep 28 2014 Very helpful and understanding . Realistic with a sense if humor and gives options.
jennifer Sep 16 2014
User_dn9bi4 Sep 13 2014 Great compassionate and humerus in a very appropriate way
Philippa28 Sep 5 2014 Topped up for the night...will leave a message on last point. Thank you for your double time this week. Much appreciated. Mind yourself re Joan Rivers concerns....
Philippa28 Sep 5 2014 Few mins
zoenut Sep 1 2014 Marnie's great. Even after some time has gone by since our session, she remembers and comes to quick advice, strong advice...and advice you can lean on. Talk to'll love her
User_cubapk Aug 31 2014
User_cubapk Aug 24 2014 Thank you Marnie as always<33 xx
User_cubapk Aug 24 2014 If you are a starving artist, talk to Marnie! :)))) xx
User_cubapk Aug 23 2014 There's something special about her, and she is just really different from other people on this site who are counselors/therapists. Give her a chance if therapies haven't really worked for you?? :)) xx
jennifer Aug 21 2014
User_cubapk Aug 20 2014 We are very fortunate she exists.
FSWA_NateMiller Aug 16 2014 A pleasure to speak with
User_cxezsc Aug 13 2014 Very helpful.
Philippa28 Aug 13 2014 POW WOW to sweetie nice girl! Thanks Marnie! I better zzzz...thanks for your support again, Philippa x
Philippa28 Aug 12 2014 Will keep you posted and GET to work!
Texan-46 Aug 1 2014
alex Jul 19 2014
User_wixrnb Jul 18 2014
Easterly.Wind.Take.ME. Jul 17 2014 sorry. ran out of time. but thank you. some help. hearing about someone else although you never had time to finish. im trying. this is NOT fun. would almost rather have my plaques back. im almost ready to go drown myself in abilify. throw it all away. but cannot. not want to stiffen. then couldnt walk the dogs. they are happier. im trying. only whole. all together now. is harder. and nothing ever shoots me back into the sky. i fixed the split. and it all fell back. to the real. and sometimes i try to re-sever myself. only not got the heart to break. terrified of being snatched back up by doctors. and yet would be easier. to be lost to myself. not have been her too.

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