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  • Wednesday, Jul 27, 2016
    The digitally minded, always-connected consumer has made it clear: They need a positive experience when interacting with brands. Often, experience even trumps the product itself. They won’t just buckle down and suffer through another frustrating journey to purchase. They want to do business with brands that leave them happy and satisfied, with a smile on their faces.
  • Tuesday, Jul 26, 2016
    We’re excited to announce that Maala, an Israeli nonprofit membership organization that encourages corporate social responsibility (CSR) in business, awarded LivePerson the high-ranking platinum distinction in its 2016 CSR Index. This index, which has been produced since 2003, judges companies on their performance in six pillars: environment, business ethics, human rights and work environment, community involvement, corporate governance, and social and environmental reporting.
  • Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016
    Consumers demand a connected experience, and brands are scrambling to deliver. While some have done well to implement cutting-edge apps and bots, even the best tech falls short without a well-planned, strategic implementation. Before deploying any technology, brands must gain a true understanding of consumer motivations and frustrations. An engagement strategy backed with data and psychology fosters better connections and, ultimately, wins more loyal consumers.
  • Wednesday, Jul 13, 2016
    Congratulations — you got the interview! Now’s the part where you’ll really shine. Your portfolio is ready to go, you’ve done your research and prepped your answers, and you’re looking — and feeling — sharp. But what people all too often forget is that an interview is a two-way street. As much as the company is evaluating your character and competencies, you need to use this critical time to decide if the company’s the right fit for you.
  • Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016
    I’m fortunate to work with an inspiring group of women across all departments and offices. In LivePerson’s New York headquarters (my “home away from home”), 40% of the employees are women — a figure that’s disproportionately high for the tech industry.
  • Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016
    It’s all about expectations when it comes to bots. Should you dive in? Yes…but with the right mindset. For brands, this means employing a strategic, human-led approach. With the rise of bots (like many a trend) comes endless information, opinions, and dialogues. To cut through the noise, we’ve rounded up the best of bot articles below. Enjoy!
  • Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016
    As LivePerson enters its 21st year of incorporation, we love celebrating team members who have dedicated so much of their careers to helping us change an industry. Our head of online sales, Ben Karniel, recently achieved his 10-year milestone with the LivePerson family. To thank him for his decade with the company, LivePerson is sending him and his family on a vacation of their choice!
  • Friday, Jun 17, 2016
    We all want to save a penny. And no matter the size of your business or budget behind your customer care, the cheapest option for any solution will always appear with a gold star. When it comes to messaging and chat solutions, not only are the options unending, the price range can be even more extensive. But are the savings really worth customer relationships and brand reputation? What is the real value of industry-leading consumer chat and messaging software? And what might a free solution be costing you?
  • Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016
    Tech companies large and small are crossing the river as the price of Manhattan real estate makes Brooklyn’s shores increasingly attractive. Some of the hottest start-ups have already established themselves, and the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, connecting DUMBO, Navy Yard, and Downtown Brooklyn, is acutely positioned to give Silicon Valley a run for its money.
  • Thursday, Jun 9, 2016
    They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But at this year’s HiMSS conference, we wanted to do something that would reach far outside of the annual, LV-hosted event and give back to the greater community.


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