LivePerson/WhatsApp Activation Call

Purpose of this document

In order to make your requested phone number eligible for sending and receiving WhatsApp messages it is necessary to complete a short process called “activation”. This document explains why this is necessary, and describes the different requirements and steps of the process.

Purpose of the Activation Call

The purpose of the activation process is to demonstrate that the brand actually owns the phone number that they plan to use as their WhatsApp number. Activation is accomplished by WhatsApp sending a verification code to that number and LivePerson submitting that code to the WhatsApp backend system.

This is identical to the process we all go through when we install WhatsApp on our personal phones - we enter a phone number that our WhatsApp profile will be assigned to, and we then receive an SMS or a call with a verification code to that number to validate our ownership of the number.

What number can be activated on WhatsApp

Any number can be used for WhatsApp, with the following exceptions and notes:

  • The number must be able to receive a single SMS or a phone call from a US or UK phone number during the one time activation process.
  • For best consumer experience we recommend using your general customer service phone number.
  • This will increase your brand’s WhatsApp profile discoverability and provide the best consumer experience due to having a single point of contact for both WhatsApp messaging and phone calls.
  • Phone numbers that use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems are supported but require an additional step. Please click here for further information.
  • The number can’t be a “Short Code”.
  • Landline and non-mobile phone numbers are supported (virtual numbers, google voice, toll free, and office extensions as long as they can be dialed directly, etc)
  • 1-800 numbers are supported. **Please note that 1-800 numbers are frequently prohibited from receiving calls from the U.S. or U.K. which is essential for the one time activation process.
  • You may also purchase a new number from an online virtual numbers provider or buy a simple SIM card at any store.
  • Important note: once a number has been activated as a WhatsApp Business number the following limitations will apply:
  • ~The number cannot be installed or used on mobile phones using the regular WhatsApp application
  • ~The number cannot be installed or used on mobile phones using the WhatsApp Business mobile application
  • ~The number cannot be installed or used on desktop computers using WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop App.
  • ~The number cannot be deleted or deactivated. This means that the number will forever show in consumer’s phones as active on WhatsApp and they will be able to send messages to it.
  • ~The number cannot be moved to a competitor’s messaging platform. (This is a temporary limitation expected to be mitigated by WhatsApp in 2020).


There may be one or two prerequisites before activation, depending on the type of number you’re using and how it is currently configured:


Activations of phone numbers that utilize IVR systems provide the best consumer experience and discoverability for the brand, and require one additional process.

If calls to the prospective WhatsApp number are initially answered by an IVR instead of a human the automated voice providing the code will not be heard by anyone. To address this the brand’s IT team or PBX provider must forward the activation call directly to a human who can hear the code and provide it to the WhatsApp Solution Team.

To accomplish this WhatsApp can provide two phone numbers, from one of which the activation call will originate. These numbers can then be provided to the brand about five days ahead of the call so that forwarding can be configured. The numbers are rotated periodically, so it is important that they be requested by LivePerson and provided to the brand less than a week before the call.

Activation Meeting

Once the prerequisites above are in place (if necessary) we can perform the activation.
Your LP account team member will schedule a 30-minute meeting with you and LivePerson’s WhatsApp Solution Team which will cover the following activities:

  • A quick review of the profile information you submitted on the form.
  • 4 Key steps:


  • ~.decimal The WA team will set up the WhatsApp service and trigger the activation process with WhatsApp.
  • ~.decimal The WhatsApp server will send the verification code via SMS or phone call to the phone number specified in the requirements form.
  • ~.decimal A person on your side will answer the call or receive the SMS message The SMS or call will say: “Your verification code is XXXXXX”.
  • ~.decimal The person receiving the call or SMS will immediately provide the code to the WA Solution Team while in the meeting with them


  • Our team will conduct the setup of the WA profile and peripheral account settings.
  • We will conduct a test to confirm that the profile looks and behaves as expected.
  • Once the testing is done, your number is considered activated and ready to go live. You may then publish any entry points (Click-to-WhatsApp buttons, IVR Deflection, post the number on marketing material, etc).